CDC Data Reveals That COVID Deaths in US Over the Week Are 1% of Total Deaths

COVID Related Deaths (Photo: Channi Anand)

According to CDC data, Covid accounted for just 1 percent of weekly deaths from all causes across the US in the most recent week.

The CDC’s Covid dashboard reported 324 Covid deaths in the week ending August 19, constituting only 1.7 percent of all fatalities during that period.

This marks a significant decrease from the pandemic’s peak in 2021, when Covid was responsible for one in three deaths nationwide.

The latest figures indicate a slight increase in Covid deaths compared to the previous week, continuing a five-week upward trend. However, they underscore a stark decline from earlier peaks.

States such as Washington, Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina, Maryland, and New York have reported higher rates of Covid-related deaths, with Maryland and Florida recording the highest at 3.4 percent. Other states hover around 2 percent.

COVID Related Deaths (Photo: Getty Images)

Data also reveals a slightly higher death rate among women compared to men, with the highest mortality rates observed in individuals aged 75 years and older.

These findings offer reassurance amid rising concerns over new, highly transmissible Covid variants like EG.5 (Eris) and BA.8.26 (Pirola), which are showing increased infectivity and contributing to higher infection rates and hospitalizations across the US. Despite these trends, Covid-related deaths have not risen sharply.

Recent responses to the variants include reinstating some Covid mandates in certain regions, though some measures have been swiftly reversed, reflecting fluctuating public health responses to evolving pandemic conditions.

President Biden’s administration is preparing to recommend additional Covid booster vaccines in the coming weeks, with efforts also underway to enhance vaccine efficacy against these new variants through updated formulations.

However, public uptake of boosters remains low, with only 18 percent of eligible Americans having received any booster dose thus far.

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