Health Writeups Scholarship Program

Your chance to win a scholarship worth $1000!

Health Writeups is a health news platform that brings you the latest updates about what is going on in the field of health and science. We inform our readers about any developments in a responsible, timely, and effective manner.

To promote awareness on Mental Health, Health Writeups is offering a yearly scholarship worth $1000 to only ONE lucky winner.

To get a chance to win the once in a lifetime opportunity, the applicants must submit a well-structured minimum 1000 words essay on the given topic.

Application guidelines

All the applicants must debate on the following issue:

“Does Social Media affect Mental Health?”

The essay should be well structured, with relevant references being inserted.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant must be a US resident.
  • The applicant must be a student.
  • The applicant must be enrolled in a US-based University undergrad or postgrad program.
  • The essay will be vetted using the same industry level checking techniques as Health Writeups uses on its news reported, so copyrights violations, plagiarism, and paraphrasing will not help the tolerated.
  • Visual aids are not necessary.
  • The language for the essay will be strictly English (US).
  • All entries must be made in an MS Word file or a PDF file.


The essay must be checked and read for all material and immaterial errors, like punctuations, spellings, and grammatical slips, should be removed. The final copy should reach us at [email protected] with the subject Essay Submission

Necessary Documents

  • Complete Name
  • Email Address
  • College/University Name
  • Field and Level of Study
  • College/University’s Student ID card

Application Deadline

The applicants are expected to submit essay by June 2023. The results will be announced in July 25th.
A banking instrument like cheque or PayPal will be used as the payment method for the prize money of $1000
Any entries sent after the deadline date and time will not be entertained.

Good Luck to All the Applicants!

Team Health Writeups