AI Discovers Superbug Species That Kills Antibiotics Effectively


Scientists have utilized artificial intelligence (AI) to uncover a novel antibiotic capable of eradicating a deadly superbug species. AI was instrumental in sifting through thousands of potential chemicals to identify a select few for laboratory…


COPD Patients With Mucus Plugs in Airways More Likely to Die

Mucus Plugs

A study presented at the American Thoracic Society annual meeting and published in JAMA explored the association between mucus plugs in the airways of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and mortality, revealing concerning…


Chronic Pain Linked to Brain Activity Opening Way for Treatment

Chronic Pain

Researchers have recorded the brain’s firing patterns during chronic pain for the first time, potentially paving the way for implanted devices that can predict or interrupt pain signals. In a groundbreaking study, scientists utilized a…


Antidote for Most Poisonous Mushroom Found in A Groundbreaking Research

Poisonous Mushroom (Photo: Getty Images)

The “death cap” mushroom earns its ominous nickname for good reason—it ranks among the deadliest fungi globally. Consuming just half of its cap can lead to liver failure, potentially fatal without prompt medical intervention. Tracking…


NIH Trials Begin for Long-Sought mRNA Based Universal Flu Vaccine

Universal Flu Vaccine Trial (Photo: NIAID)

Patients are currently enrolling in an early stage clinical trial to evaluate a universal flu vaccine utilizing messenger RNA (mRNA) technology, as announced by the National Institutes of Health on Monday. The vaccine aims to…