Five Food Combinations That Compliment Each Other!

While cooking, you must have experimented with several recipes or dishes. Also, you have discovered several food combinations that were never thought of before. But what about the food combinations complimenting each other well and pampering you with several nutrients? This article might interest you if you are a food aficionado who loves experimenting with foods. Stick to the end to get the inspiration for your next experiment in the kitchen. So, let us unravel the top five food combinations that are healthy and also complement each other. 

5 Leafy Green Salad with Olive Oil 

If you stay active on social media, you must have come across this food combination. If not, let us tell you the benefits of combining these two foods. A study was conducted in the year 2013 by the Journal of Densitometry. The study revealed that vitamin K should be consumed with fats(healthy). This is because vitamin K is food that is fat soluble, so you need to consume a food rich in fat that your body can absorb effectively. Other foods with this type of combination can be leafy green vegetables and dried fruits such as walnuts, cashew, and almond. 

4 Yogurt and Bananas 

Nothing tastes more delicious than the combination of yogurt with freshly cut bananas. This food combination is a perfect blend of protein and potassium. It depends on you whether to include this food as a side meal in your breakfast or to include it as a post-workout meal. 

3 Eggs and Cheese 

This food combination might not be new to you since most of you cook this recipe daily as part of your first meal of the day. So why does an egg become a better food combination? This is because your body cannot absorb vitamin D alone, so it needs another nutrient to make a balance, such as calcium. Eggs are packed with the goodness of vitamin D, so to complete this food combination garnish your plate with cheese. 

But people trying to lose weight should be cautious while spreading that extra layer of cheese as it may contain calories and fat. 

2 Raw Veggies and Cooked Eggs 

As per the research conducted by Purdue University, if raw vegetables are consumed with carotenoids, then it elevates their nutritious level. So the best option is to mix raw veggies like spinach, carrots, or tomatoes with cooked eggs. Cartenoids in raw vegetables, such as lutein and beta-carotene, protect against eye problems and life-threatening diseases such as cancer. 

1 Spinach and Strawberries 

Yes, this food combination might sound weird. But trust us, it gives you the benefits you cannot imagine. Research showed that most Americans suffer from iron deficiency because of low hemoglobin. So to get rid of the deficiency of iron, it is vital to include those foods in your diet that are rich in iron with a hint of vitamin C. So, green leafy spinach is packed with iron, and strawberries, on the other hand, contain vitamin C. Different combinations of foods are tomatoes with peas or broccoli with bell peppers. 

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Tarishi Aggarwal
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