Sleep is Directly Related To Blood Pressure , See How


Since childhood, we have been hearing about the advantages of good sleep. Even pre-school teachers used to mention the need for 8 hours of sleep. We have been taught that sleep is vital for our senses to work properly. Also, it provides immense energy to go with the day. Along with this, sleep helps in repairing of body and fixes dead cells. That’s how the terminology of ‘beauty sleep’ came into use. Sleep is also needed for finding proper hormonal balance and stabilizing metabolism. All these are straight facts that we often associate sleep with. But, we may not be aware of the fact that sleep regulates our heart health too. Adding to this, certain studies have found that constant lack of sleep causes increased blood pressure in children and adults. Let’s see how lack of sleep affects our blood pressure and thus, causes hypertension.

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What is Hypertension Or Blood Pressure?

Hypertension is basically, a more complex term for increased Blood Pressure. This situation arises when arteries of the body get slightly clogged and the flowing of blood becomes difficult. This leads to your poor heart putting in more effort to supply blood. The entire process puts extra pressure on the heart and at times, makes it work above its maximum capacity. Now, this isn’t the end, prolonged hypertension can lead to heart stroke, heart failure, and a number of heart diseases.

But, don’t worry, you won’t die of hypertension. As it is highly treatable and manageable. In some cases, people don’t even take medicines to beat hypertension. They just improve their lifestyle and let their body do wonders.

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Recently, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine conducted a study on the relationship between sleep and hypertension. Surprisingly, the results showed that people with 4 hours of sleep had more chances of getting the problem than those who took 7 hours of sleep. No, you don’t get a free sleep pass after reading this. The same study mentioned that too much sleep can also lead to the same problem.

Sleep apnea is another that is faced by people with poor heart health. In this condition,  the airway to carry oxygen gets clogged, which leads to difficulty in breathing and a poor supply of oxygen to the body. This puts even more pressure on the heart to pump blood. Another sleeping disorder is insomnia, this condition refers to difficulty in sleeping and not catching sleep easily. Studies have shown that insomnia reduces a person’s ability to work out, combat stress, and prefer a healthy diet. Which in return makes your heart pay the price.

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How to Get a Good Sleep?

To combat heart problems you need to balance these three variables- diet, sleep, and exercise. Sleep is thought to be the most important as the other two depend on this. Now, to enhance your sleep quality, you should use a comfortable mattress. Keep your bedroom dark and quiet. Also, restrict the consumption of anything a few hours before bedtime. Not using too much of phones is also a boon for improved sleep.

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