Different Types of Protein Powders And Their Uses

Different Types of Protein Powders And Their Uses
Different Types of Protein Powders And Their Uses

Wondering to add protein powder to your diet but not really use which one to use? The question makes sense as the market these days is flooded with different types of protein powders. Consumption of protein is a must for everyone. In the modern era, it is related more to people who go to the gym. Whereas the main function of protein is to repair dead cells and make new ones. Now, everyone can’t have the same protein powder. Everybody is designed to have a different protein.

Some take in protein powder while building muscles, whereas a huge group has it to fulfill their daily protein requirement. Also, everyone has a different lifestyle these days, which gives protein manufacturers another reason to add variety to their products. Now, let’s go through various protein powder types available in the market and which one could help you attain your body goals.

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Different Types of Protein Powders And Their Uses

Different Types Of Protein Powders:

1. Whey Protein Powder

This powder is apt for people who are open to drinking milk. It is derived from milk and is promoted for muscle building. This protein powder is rich in protein content and aids muscle recovery. It is one of the purest forms of protein and is easily digestible.

This should be taken by people who get involved in rigorous training. Also, people who want to strengthen and grow their muscles.

2. Soy Protein Powder

Now, if you are lactose intolerant and planning on sticking to a vegan diet. Then, this is your best go. This protein powder is made up of soy flour. It contains all the nine amino acids required for muscle growth. Another fact about this protein is that it is cholesterol free, so your heart won’t mind you having it. But, the caution in using this protein is that it is high in estrogen. So, limit its consumption to avoid hormonal imbalance.

Now, this is mostly used by people with heart problems and ones who wish to gain muscle.

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3. Pea Protein Powder

Another amazing protein for plant lovers is Pea Protein. It contains legumes and pulses. The reason people buy this protein is that it not just helps in stabilizing your protein levels but also provides your body with enough fiber.

This type of protein is loved by people who are vegetarian, lactose intolerant, and women in the pre or post-menopausal stage.

4. Casein Powder

Another supplement that your gym trainer will ask you to take is Casein. It is derived from milk, just like whey, but it digests at a much slower rate.

Casein is a coffee table talk for people who wish to lose weight and gain muscle. With proper calorie intake, casein can do wonders for your body.

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Different Types of Protein Powders And Their Uses

5. Egg Protein

The first thing that comes to our minds on hearing protein is eggs. Egg protein is high in protein content. This protein made of egg whites is an amazing supplement for those on a fat loss journey. This protein is cholesterol as well as fat-free. Moreover, people use it as a meal replacement, which is a fine thing to do. Athletes with strict calorie management often have this powder.

We hope now you will be able to pick the protein powder as per your requirements and lifestyle.

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