5 Tips to Treat Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders
Eating Disorders

Eating disorders do not have an overnight treatment, they are serious conditions where one’s mind doesn’t let the body consume food in appropriate amounts and the consequences of it can be fatal. A person struggling with an eating disorder considers one’s body unattractive and believes that their value and worth depend on the way they look. The mindset of attaining impossible bodies and the desire to look like the photoshopped images of models increases body dysmorphia in people and leads them to a stage where losing weight becomes the goal of their life.
Now, eating disorders can be categorized into various subtypes depending on the effect they have on the body.

Eating Disorders
Eating Disorders


A few common types of eating disorders are:

Anorexia Nervosa
Binge Eating Disorder

To treat a person with eating disorders it is first important to let the person accept that they have eating disorders. As the studies mention, a number of people with eating disorders consider this part as a healthy lifestyle stage and do not wish to get over it.

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Some proven Tips to treat Eating Disorders are:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to Treat Eating Disorder

In this form of treatment, people are first taught about eating disorders and how their minds take control of their eating habits. The therapy focuses on making people understand how their automatic negative thoughts about food, eating, weight, and shape fuel their behaviors.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy to Treat Eating Disorder

This sort of treatment is very similar to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with the acceptance to learn new things, tolerate psychological distress, regulate emotions and practice mindfulness.

eating disorder

Start the Conversation for Eating Disorder

When it comes to eating disorder treatments, the main problem that arises is denial and ignorance. Most people ignore their eating patterns and try to claim that they are normal, even when everyone around them can see that the situation is messed up. To begin a conversation about eating disorders, one needs to be very careful with the words one uses.

Make a Coping Card

This is a very simple strategy that one can use to deal with one’s thoughts. All one needs for this part is a pen and a notebook. Whatever thought comes to their mind, they should write it down in a notebook and then write a rational answer using their conscious mind. Pull it out and read whenever they feel like you are having some automatic thoughts. For instance, if you feel “I am bored, I should eat something”, reply to it as “Eating when I am not hungry and just bored will ruin my progress”. These tiny efforts can help in the training of one’s mind.

Find an Eating Disorder support system

Being social animals there is nothing that can help us more than a group with similar issues. Having support from family and friends is what one needs during the treatment. Although the treatment might sound simple it is a huge psychological war that tears down a person into pieces.

If you have an eating disorder or you know someone with one, take the process smooth and easy. Do not force yourself or others into following something that they do not accept. And if required take the help of a medical professional. In case, you have any sort of eating disorder, be ready to accept change and open yourself to experiencing new adventures.

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