Benefits Of Turmeric That You Were Not Aware Of!

benefits of turmeric
Benefits Of Turmeric That You Were Not Aware Of!

Turmeric is known as The King of the Kitchen or the champion of the spices. Indian cuisine is incomplete without this king of spice. Some people elevate the taste of their food with a pinch of it. And some find a home in turmeric for their skin care. With the goodness of several nutrients and antioxidants like vitamin B6, C, iron, and manganese, turmeric provides several surreal benefits that could ever ask for. But today, apart from cooking and skin benefits, we are here to talk about the other benefits of turmeric.

Here Are Some Benefits Of Turmeric That You Should Know! 

So stick to the end to unravel those benefits you were unaware of. 

5. Keeps Your Heart Healthy

The first stop on the list of benefits of turmeric is the heart. Rich in several nutrients and minerals, this spice from the kitchen is also responsible for keeping our hearts healthy. But we are not the ones claiming that. On the contrary, several pieces of research have shown impeccable results on patients suffering from heart disease due to the regular consumption of turmeric.

5 benefits of turmeric
Keeps Your Heart Healthy

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4. Boosts Memory Power

Now you must be wondering if turmeric, a mere spice from the kitchen, can boost your memory power. The answer is YES; it can. So please stick with us for a minute, and let us explain how. The American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry conducted a study on people with dementia. These patients were asked to consume 90 mg of turmeric twice daily in their meals for 18 months. Luckily, the results showed that it could help increase the memory power of people with dementia. It is because of the bioactive and antioxidant curcumin in turmeric. 

benefits of turmeric
Boosts Memory Power

This antioxidant prevents the decline of neurocognitive (which takes charge of thinking in our brain). Not only this, but this same antioxidant can also stem the risk of developing one of the incurable diseases Alzheimer’s. 

3. Stems The Risk Of Cancer

One of the best benefits of turmeric is that it prevents life-threatening diseases such as cancer. Once again, the hero that contains all of this is the antioxidant present in the turmeric, curcumin. Research conducted by the National Library of Medicine showed that the people who consumed turmeric regularly decreased the risk of colorectal cancer by 60 percent.

turmeric fights cancer
Stems The Risk Of Cancer

2. Aids Depression

Hopping to the next benefit of turmeric is that it fights depression as well. A person suffering from depression would have lower brain-derived-neurotrophic factors ( BDNF). So, if you consume curcumin regularly, it will boost the levels of BDNF in your brain. Also, turmeric increases the production of serotonin and dopamine( hormones controlling our mood and feelings).

turmeric fights depression
Aids Depression

1. Eases Inflammation

The last benefits of turmeric are that it controls Inflammation in your body. Combining 2 grams of curcumin daily with the prescribed medicines may relieve ulcerative colitis.

So here was the scoop on the benefits of turmeric. That is all for today. Stay tuned as more is coming your way. And don’t forget to follow Health WriteUps for a daily dose of health-related articles.

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