Tips For Menstrual Health You Should Not Miss!

tips for menstrual health

Don’t get us started on how periods can be painful for a woman. From periods of cramps to mood swings, nothing is there that a woman does not suffer from in that one week. In the eyes of society, periods are nothing but taboo. Sometimes, it is ignored because of the shame and awkwardness, and this topic remains untouched. This is why most women are not aware of how to maintain good menstrual health. So, here is the scoop on the tips for menstrual health.

Some Tips For A Better Menstrual Health

5. Exercise

We know how bad period cramps could be. So, the only way to maintain good menstrual health is to exercise during your periods. However, heavy and regular exercises are not recommended during this time. Instead, you can take the help of yoga or some postures that would provide relief for your cramps. So, it will not only relieve your periods’ cramps but also reduces your blood flow.

exercise in periods

4. Keeping Your Vagina Fresh

The next stop on our list of tips for menstrual health is to clean your vagina regularly. Make sure every time you change your pad, always wash your vagina with water. It is not necessary to wash the vagina with vaginal washes; water could also work. Doing this practice, especially during your periods, would keep the infections at bay. Also, it would keep your vagina clean and fresh at the same time. 


3. Don’t Overwash Vagina With Soaps Or Special Vaginal Washes

Several vaginal washes brands have been selling you lie for several years. What lie? Please stick with us for a minute, and let us explain how you have been fooled with the name of hygiene. Little do you know that your vagina does not need soap or vaginal washes. It is because of the presence of self-cleaning properties in your vagina. It means you do not need to wash with brands like Clean & Dry or V Wash every time.

vaginal washes for menstrual health

Water is only one thing you would need to clean your vagina. But overwashing your vagina is also not recommended. These are the best tips for menstrual health that you can also follow. 

2. Don’t Use The Same Pad For Long Hours

You must have come across a murmur that one woman has lost her life because she used the same pad for too long. Well, it is time for the truth bomb. The news you have heard is entirely faux. But that doesn’t mean using pads for long hours is allowed. If you wish to maintain good menstrual health, you should know when to dispose of the pad. You should change the pad after every three to four hours.

tip for menstrual health

And if you still don’t know what consequences you would face when using a pad for long hours, then get ready—problems like itchiness, rashes, or irritation are common.

1. Say A Big YES To A Healthy Diet

Those 5-7 days are when you should take care of your health, especially in your diet. Imagine you are bleeding 24*7, so you need enough energy to sustain yourself. So consuming a healthy diet is the only option.

tips for menstrual health

So, this was the scoop on the tips for menstrual health.

Tarishi Aggarwal
Ph.D. in Dental Science, Tarishi is well known for his works in the health sector. Reach out at [email protected]