Five Superfoods You Should Feed To Your Toddler For A Good Start!

superfood for your toddler

Babies’ diet is different from what they eat every day. Therefore, you should be cautious while feeding anything to your little one. However, the food you give your toddler also plays an essential role in his overall development. This statement might leave you wondering what foods I can feed my toddler without worry. Don’t fret. We have got you covered. So, today we have come up with a list of the superfoods you should feed your toddler: Stick to the end to also know the benefits of this superfood in your little one’s development.

Five Superfoods You Should Feed To Your Toddler For A Good Start!

5. Carrots

Another food rich in an antioxidant called beta-carotene, carrots, plays a vital role in your child’s vision and overall growth. If you are trying to feed your baby carrots, cook them and make a soft puree first. Your child would love the sweet taste of the carrot.

carrots for toddlers

4. Yogurt

Nothing is best when it comes to feeding your toddler the goodness of yogurt. However, it can act as a good friend for your baby’s growth and development of bones and teeth. Enriched with the nutrients such as phosphorus, calcium, and protein, it also takes care of your baby’s immune system and digestive system. Also, you should be cautious while feeding yogurt with added flavor as it might be formulated with high sugar. Bananas would gift your baby carbohydrates and fiber. At last, include whole-fat yogurt in your little one’s diet as they need fat for growth and development.

yogurt for toddlers

3. Bananas

Try feeding them bananas to strengthen your baby’s digestive system. But you need to be careful while feeding bananas to your baby. They might have difficulty swallowing the bananas as a whole; you can mash them and then give them to your baby. And if you have an older child, then there is no problem in giving him the raw bananas as he can eat them as a portion of finger food.

bananas for toddler

2. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes can be the next option to feed your toddler. Enriched with the goodness of fiber, calcium, and beta carotene, sweet potatoes are the superfood that will seek away the harmful radicals in your body and prevent the formation of cancerous cells inside the body. Of course, your baby would enjoy the sweet taste of sweet potatoes. So for the recipe, you need to boil it first and then make a smooth puree so that your toddler would digest and swallow it quickly.

sweet potato for toddlers

1. Egg

Coming to our last stop, eggs are the superfood you should feed your toddler. Eggs contain several nutrients, such as vitamins ( B12, D, E, and A) and zinc. However, some pediatricians advise you to stay away from the egg white until your child turns one. It is because of the chances of allergic reactions. Also, the egg yolk is the one food for your toddler for his brain development.

eggs for toddlers

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