Top 5 Crazy Beard Trends Around The Globe

What is one of the most important features of a man? No doubt, half of us will point out a beard. Beard is like every drop of rain, the shape and size are different in each case, but each one is beautiful and unique. It might look simple for someone to have a beard to it isn’t that easy. To be exact, bread styling is a multi-step process. The pre-salon care requires growing, maintaining, and then thinking of a style. The twist lies in choosing the right beard trend. Similar to hair cut, hair shaping is done under the face of the individual. In this era, a few people have formed different identities because of their beard cuts and vlogs. For modern men, the beard is a definition of manhood. Let’s find out the top beard Trends that have made men crazy.


beard trends

One thing about trends is that they come and go, but the popularity of a trend is measured by the time it stays in the world. Additionally, boys use beards to give their faces a specific appearance. Boys with slim faces choose a beard shape that makes them look fuller. On the other hand, those with chubby faces try to fake a jawline with a beard. And, no doubt, social media has increased the craziness when choosing the right type of beard.

Some of the crazy beard trends are given below. Scroll to read all of them. But promise not to laugh.

The Monkey Tail Beard

This type of beard has taken over Instagram. The beard looks like what the name represents. Men shave their hair to resemble a monkey’s tail. The tail begins in sideburns, wraps under the mouth, and ends at the mustache. Surprisingly, some popular bearded men did the same thing.

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Beard Ornaments- Craziest Beard Trend

A few men started this culture of making beards look like Christmas trees. This trend involves decorating beards with hair beads and tiny bulbs. It sounds ridiculous, but its popularity doesn’t make it sound so.

Unicorn Beards

Hair color isn’t the only trend across the world. The Beard trend has equal votes. A few months back, social media was seen full of rainbow-colored beards. The people in this trend called the beautifying of beard and got their beard dyed in 5 colors. But this isn’t the height of weirdness.

beard trends

Flower Beards

What were they thinking? Making their beard a butterfly garden. This trend comprises hanging flowers in the beard and showing it off like a vase of imported flowers.

Glitter Beards

Beard masters are no more pleased by the natural color of their beards. The followers of this trend added glitter to their beards to make them shine. The proud owners of those beards left no reason for people to stand and stare at their masterpiece of a beard.

The zeal to be unique has left the world in a more weird situation than ever.

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