5 Tips to Burn 1000 Calories in a Day

Struggling to lose weight but can’t burn calories as per your wants? If yes, then we are sailing in the same boat. In this modern world, 8 hours are taken by tiring desk jobs, and the remaining time goes into managing everything else. The limelight on personal health and wellness has suddenly disappeared, whereas the dependence on junk food has increased many folds. The biggest struggle for weight watchers these days is being unable to burn calories. And calories matter a lot when it comes to fitness. In this article, we will share some real secretive and effective tricks to burn 1000 calories. No, we are not kidding! One thousand calories might sound like a lofty goal, but it sure is achievable using smart work along with hard work. Let’s read a fact before jumping onto the tips to burn calories. As per scientific research, you need to burn 3500 kcal to lose 1 pound of body weight.

Tips to Burn 1000 Calories in a Day

1- Take a Long Walk Every day

Walking is one of the most effective ways to burn calories. It is so easy that even a toddler can do it. A moderate walk for 60 minutes can burn up to 348–498 kcal in males, whereas 276–396 calories in females, which is a huge number. Initiating the habit of walking can help one get a flat waistline in no time. In addition, the treadmill burns 1000 calories in an hour.


2- Circuit Training Programmes

Circuit training refers to using a blend of different programs to lose weight. The biggest advantage of this structure is that it gets interesting in every step. The ‘no repetition of exercise’ policy here can make us all fall in love with the moves and bud in excitement every minute. You can burn around 250 calories in 30 minutes using HIIT. Calculate accordingly and reach your 1000-calorie goal.

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3- Use a Desk Bike

What can be more fun than getting your job done and burning calories t the same time? Install a desk bike in your office and pedal as you type. It is our favorite method to burn calories. You can burn 150 calories in an hour using this. Using this method, you can easily burn 1000 calories.

4- Cycling

The most effective and ancient activity to lose weight is cycling. On average, a human burns 300 calories in an hour of cycling. In addition, bikes can be used by people with knee pains. It is effective in relieving tension in joints along with training the legs.

5- Household Chores

If you aren’t a huge fan of working out and find it difficult to stick to a workout routine, then the loophole for you is to do household work on your own. It is the most effective and underrated mode of burning calories. It might surprise you, but gardening burns around 350 calories in an hour on average. Secondly, walking stairs contributes to burning 300 calories in an hour. Also, vacuuming and dusting burn 84 and 80 calories in 30 minutes, respectively.

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It is possible to burn 1000 calories in a day. It might be easier for some but difficult for others. Burning 1000 kcal every day without replenishing the amount can lead to more problems than it could do good. So, be careful while losing weight. Know your body type and goal before sticking to any youtube weight loss remedy.

Tarishi Aggarwal
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