Does Hair Straightening Affect Hair Health?

hair straightening

Do you see broken hair in your rubber band and blame genes for the same? The majority would agree with this point. But, the reason may not be the same. The real culprit may be all the hair straightening you may have been doing for years. Everyone has a special hair care theory, but one thing that is assured is that nobody dislikes the look of straight and silky hair. Straightening has made it easy to transform your look any day and see the new version of you every day. But is it worth the chemicals being exposed to our hair? Are the negative talks about hair straightening just myths? What side effects can hair straightening have on our hair? Don’t worry. We reply to all these answers and discuss how these side effects can be managed.

What are the Side Effects of  Hair Straightening?

The side effects of straightening at home and in a salon are different.

1. Dryness

The process of straightening involves removing moisture from hair. This can be seen with naked eyes as vapor from hair while running the iron over it. The steam that comes while straightening the hair is the moisture of hair that is removed to make the hair stay in a place and form a shape. Professionals say that using these tools for a long period can cause permanent damage to the hair.

hair straightening

2. Split Ends And Hair Breakage

Split ends occur when weakened hair strands break from the middle. This is an indication of poor hair health. The chemicals present in the process of straightening weaken the structure of hair, thus, causing split ends.

3. Hair Fall

Constant and prolonged use of straightening tools can make the hair follicles weak, which increases hair fall. This damage the roots and hamper hair growth. Now you know whom to blame for that hair coming out during combing.

4. Dullness

Our hair is rich in natural oils that are secreted by the scalp. These oils keep our hair shiny, strong, and healthy. Although straightening hair might seem trendy, it deprives our hair of its natural oils and causes dryness, dull and fizzy.

dull hair

5. Itching on your body

Has your hair smoothened before leaving for a party but couldn’t get rid of sudden itching? It’s because of the formaldehyde gas being released during smoothening the hair. This gas can cause itching in the eyes, nose, and skin.

6. Breakage

Hair straightening deprives hair of natural oils and moisture, which leads to hair breakage and split ends formation.


How to Avoid Side Effects of Hair Straightening?

  1. Use oil and conditioner every time you wash your hair.
  2. Apply natural hair masks to restore the moisture of your hair.
  3. Apply heat protectant every time you heat your hair.
  4. Do not straighten wet hair, as hair is the weakest at that time.

These side effects are evident, but you don’t have to skip straightening forever. Do it but ensure you follow a schedule and don’t overdo it.

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