Cold Water vs. Hot Water: Which One Is Good For Bathing?

cold water vs hot water

Cold Water vs. Hot Water might’ve been one of our biggest life decisions. You have read hundreds of articles on whether a cold water bath is good for your health or hot water. Now you are sitting flummoxed on which one to choose: Cold Water or Hot Water. Cold Water bath and hot water bath have their benefits: Cold water strengthens your immune system and helps fight infections in your body. While at the same time, a hot water bath is an enemy to the germs present in your body and kills them, thus making your body germ-free. In this case, let us take help from the Ayurveda. So, here is the scoop on which bath you should take, cold water vs. hot water.

Cold Water vs. Hot Water: Which One Is Good For Bathing?

So, we have enlisted five categories on which you should decide which bath suits you more: cold water vs. hot water. Stick to the end to know which is good for your health and body and which is not.

hot or cold water bath

1. According To Age

Ayurveda mentions hot water and cold water bathing as per the age group. For instance, children and youngsters are advised to take a bath in cold water because they are primarily students, so cold water would benefit their studies. On the other hand, Ayurveda also mentions that hot water is suitable for people who come under the category of adults and old.

2. According To The Body Type

If you have read something about Ayurveda before, you must know that our human body is divided into three types, Vata, pitta, and Kapha. Ayurveda has mentioned that people with a body type of pitta should take baths in cold water. On the other hand, the people in the Kapha and Vata categories are advised to take a hot shower.

hot water bath

3. Time

Whether you bathe in hot or cold water also depends on your showering time. For instance, if you are taking a morning bath, Ayurveda tells you to take a cold water bath. But if you are a person who also prefers to take a bath before bed, then hot water will make you relaxed and calm. But, again, this is because of the dominance of the Vata after evening.

4. Diseases

It might be shocking for you. But, we know you must be wondering how my health or disease depends on the shower we should take. Ayurveda says that the person who suffers from the diseases such as kidney, liver, or stomach (Pitta-related health ailments) should never take a hot water bath. Instead, taking a cold water bath every day would work wonders for them. But on the other hand, people with Kapha-related diseases such as asthma, depression, diabetes, or lack of sleep, can choose hot water while bathing.

cold water bath

5. Habits

Hopping to the last basis on cold water vs. hot water for bathing, your habits also decides which one you should choose. For instance, taking a hot water bath would be great if you believe in physical fitness and work out regularly. 

So, this was the scoop on cold water vs. hot water, which is good for bathing. And we are sure that by now you must have got your answer. So, that’s all for today. Stay tuned as more is coming your way.

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