Five Myths about the Gym Workout You Should Never Believe!

myths about gym workout

Gym rats rejoice! The only problem with fitness is that the actual knowledge is less, and people’s mind is brimmed with baseless myths. Well, the next you hear any of the myths about gyms, you will have a perfect answer to bust the myth. But, of course, we are talking about the myths such as you will get the ideal body in just two weeks, or you should only go to the gym in the morning. And if you are a gym goer, you must come across a new myth every day. So, here is a list of five myths about gym-going people. Stick to the very end to know these five myth-busters about the gym.

The 5 Gym Myths To Which You Should Pay No Head To!

5. Morning Is The Best Time To Exercise

Our first myth-buster is that morning is not the only time that is best for exercise or workout. The best time for the workout is when you want to. No rule book says workouts are for the morning only. It depends on your work schedule or also if you are comfortable doing exercise in the morning or not. The only thing that matters is consistency. If you have maintained regular workouts even in the evening, it might show your results even then.

morning workout gym myth

4. No Sweat, No Gain

You have to get used to the pain that rigorous exercise gifts you. But not every pain is good for your body and health. Suppose you did a workout in the morning, and the next day, you woke up with pain and soreness in your muscles. Then it is a sign of good pain. But unfortunately, it also means you are not on the right track. Do not forget to do a warm-up session before you start working out. If not, you will end up suffering from uninvited pain and injury.

3. Strength Training Is A Must

If you are a gym rat, you must have come across this myth that only bodybuilders can do strength training and the rest cannot. However, for the unversed, WHO ( World Health Organization) even says to perform strength exercises twice a week. And the other myth related to this exercise is that you only need weights to do this exercise. No. The primary purpose is to increase our strength, which can be done with simple pushups or squats. 

5 myths about gym


2. Progress Guaranteed In 2 Weeks

The first mistake you make when you join the gym is expecting the results early. Think this way: you have been living an unhealthy lifestyle for years and expect results in just two weeks of training. Does it make sense? It doesn’t. Several factors directly depend on the type of progress you make in the gym. First is your body type, food and nutrition, sleep, and many more. This exercise can gift us several health benefits such as restful sleep, lesser chances of arthritis, and no back pain. In addition, according to the study, approximately ten percent of suffering diseases such as sarcopenia once they reach age 65.

1. Crunches Are The KEY To Losing Belly Fat

You hate your belly fat. So you join the gym to get rid of the belly fat and think doing a certain amount of exercise would only eradicate the fat around your belly. If you feel this way, you might be mistaken. Exercises don’t work like that. Your body isn’t biased, so whatever exercise you do, you will note a difference in your whole body rather than a single part. Besides workout, you can take extra measures and take control of your diet.

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