Five Reasons Why Google Isn’t The Best Doctor!

why google isn't the best doctor

Your search for the typical symptoms and boom! Google has diagnosed you with lung cancer. You choose one of those millions of web pages and start reading about the disease. A few minutes later, you close the page, as you think the symptoms in the article don’t match you, and maybe you are acting like a hypochondriac. But what if, months later, you have been diagnosed with lung cancer? Isn’t it scary? Yes, you should be, as it happened with a woman. A study conducted in 2019 showed that at least 26.2 percent of people preferred Google to obtain information about their health. Are you also one of those who is a hundred percent dependent on Google regarding health issues? If yes, then you must stop. So today, we have come up with the five reasons why you should not trust Google and stop searching for health-related information.

5. Reliable Sites

Suppose you google the symptoms of migraine. Google presents you with millions of searches within seconds. And out of those millions of web pages, you select one. Now, when you go through the website, you might be suffering from migraines. You panic and then start searching for migraine treatment. But wait for a second. Does the website you read is hundred percent reliable? Or the person writing the article was a real doctor? If not, then it is not the time to get panic.

google misleads with unreliable websitesOn the other hand, how can you trust a person who is not even a real doctor? So, relax. It might be a regular headache because of stress.


4. Google: Web of Hypochondriacs

You must have heard people talking about how unreliable Google is regarding health-related information. They had a reason for that criticism. If you search about headache symptoms, chances are there Google might show you have a brain tumor. Just by reading one article, how can you be so sure that you are suffering from a life-threatening disease? This situation worsens when a person searching health-related information on Google is a hypochondriac.

google misleads in health related information

3. Chances Of Misdiagnosis

Imagine you checked symptoms of a common health issue, and google shows you cancer results. Then, after hours of digging into it, you are convinced to have cancer. Can you imagine how much this misinformation would take a toll on your mental health and your loved ones?

google leads to misdiagnosis

2. Trust The REAL Doctors

Everyone wants to be tech-savvy nowadays. With the advent of technology, you can learn anything from a single device just by sitting at home. Learning hobbies like painting and cooking seems fine, but sometimes people think they can learn medicine just by sitting at home. If that’s the case, why are the medical students giving their blood, sweat, and tears for seven years for this profession? Medicine is not at all a thing that you can learn within hours just by sitting in your bed. So, next time trusting Google, try trusting the real doctors with degrees and years of experience in their field.

why google isn't reliable

1. Chance Of Delayed Treatment

Suppose you search for the reason why you suffer from cramps during periods. Now, Google shows you some answers and ways to treat your bad cramps. You do exactly like that and think the cramps you experience every time during periods are normal. Sometimes, it can be normal, but what if it isn’t? Chances are you might have endometriosis. But now you are sitting at home taking medications suggested by Google. It is scary to think that sometimes, with a short delay, people cause their life or drastic consequences. So, instead of googling health-related information and visiting a doctor if you face the same health issue again. 

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Tarishi Aggarwal
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