Pamper Your Hair With These 5 Best Hair Oils

best hair oils

Have you ever wondered why your mother begs us to apply oil to our hair? Well, she has a point in doing this. We have mentioned several times that just like you need food to survive, your hair needs food in the form of nutrients. Now, most of you would say that the food we eat is enough to provide nutrients to our hair. But no, that’s not the reality. Just like you take care of your food cravings, try taking care of your hair too. So, today we have come up with a list of the best hair oils essential to hair growth.  

Here Are Some Of The Best Hair Oils For Healthy Hair 

5. Coconut Oil

The first oil on our list is the jack of all trades. Why? Because coconut oil pampers our hair with several benefits. For instance, damage repair stems hair loss and promotes hair growth. In addition, you would never need a conditioner after nourishing your hair with coconut oil, as it contains enough fatty acids to make it soft, silky, and smooth like never before. Now several questions might have popped up in your mind how to apply coconut oil to my hair?

coconut oil for healthy hair

For example, is it okay to apply on the scalp, or do I need to use it from roots to tips? No worries, we have made things easy for you. For the application, massage your hair with coconut oil from root to tips half an hour before your shower. After that, rinse thoroughly and take a bath with your favorite shampoo. Don’t forget to use organic shampoos.


4. Argan Oil

Our next stop on the list of best hair oils is argan oil. Also known as Moroccan oil, it repairs the cell damage to our hair. Enriched with the goodness of vitamin E, fatty acids, antioxidants, and ferulic acid, this hair oil is considered the best oil for hair. Besides hair growth, argan oil will combat the harmful ultraviolet rays, thus making your hair stronger and bouncy. You can massage your hair daily with argan oil for better and immediate results.

argan oil for hair growth

We are saying to apply argan oil daily because of its thin consistency and non-greasiness. Unlike other oils, it won’t leave your hair greasy.

3. Jojoba Oil

Next on the list of best hair oils is jojoba oil. This hair oil will rescue you with many hair issues you think of, for instance, premature graying. The reason most people suffer prematurely graying is the deficiency of copper. Interestingly, jojoba oil is filled with a richness of calcium and copper, thus keeping your hair jet black. It depends on whether to leave the oil on your scalp for 30 minutes or nourish your hair overnight. 

best hair oil

Also, you can mix up your favorite essential oil, for instance, essential oil and rosemary oil, if you aren’t comfortable with the smell of jojoba oil. 

2. Olive Oil

Yes, we know that most of you must think that olive oil is used in cooking, so how can we apply it to our hair. Let us explain how. Well, first of all, remove the fact from your mind that olive oil is just cooking oil. But in reality, olive oil gifts us the fantasy that we have longed for, healthy hair with the presence of moisturizing nutrients like squalene and oleic acid. The benefit of applying olive oil regularly is that after taking a head wash, you don’t need to apply a conditioner.

olive oil for hair growth

1. Castor Oil

Lastly, we will talk about castor oil, which is considered the best hair oil, and will bring back your hair’s lost shine, volume, and luster. Harness the potency of castor oil with minerals, vitamin E, and proteins. If you want to make your hair healthy, then it is suggested to choose hundred percent extra virgin oil, as it would provide several benefits to your scalp as well as hair—for instance, dandruff, hair loss, and infections.

castor oil for hair growth

So this was the list of the five best hair oils essential for healthy hair. Stay tuned as more is coming your way. And don’t forget to follow Health WriteUps for a daily dose of health-related articles. 

Tarishi Aggarwal
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