Is Too Much Makeup Healthy For Your Skin? Know These Five Side Effects Of Every Day Makeup!

side effects of every day makeup

You cannot imagine going outside without makeup. Makeup fans love experimenting with a new look every time they step out. Hiding their blemishes and achieving that dewy makeup look is a dream of many. But if you are the one who cannot live without makeup, then you must stop and wonder if these ingredients are skin-friendly or are causing any harm to your skin? Is too much makeup good for your skin? Today we have come up with the harm these makeup products can do to your skin.

So, here is the scoop on the side effects of applying too much makeup: Stick to the very end to know what harm you are causing your skin every day to get that dewy and spotless look.

Here Are The Risks You Are Putting On Your Face With Everyday Makeup!

5. Allergies

That top-notch makeup look might put a smile on your face whenever you step outside, but it makes your skin cry. Let us explain how. Your favorite concealer or foundation that you apply on your skin to hide blemishes and dark spots might be harmful to your skin because of the loaded chemicals such as parabens or SLES( Sodium Laureth Sulfate). Using these makeup products with chemicals on your skin is a way to invite skin allergies. However, other products in the market are formulated with chemicals. So, if you cannot say no to makeup, then try using products made with gentle ingredients.

everyday makeup causes skin allergy

4. Breakouts

Every time you wake up in the morning, you find uninvited acne or pimple on your face. It is because of the regular or excessive application of makeup. Some say that makeup can harm our skin as it helps conceal those acne marks or pimples. But little do you know makeup can be one of the reasons for the breakout on your skin. If your skin also has breakouts, try not to apply makeup for a few days, as it will give time for your skin to heal properly.


3. Clogged Pores

Undoubtedly, makeup gives you a flawless look and elevates your beauty to the next level. But it is time for the truth bomb. The makeup you love isn’t letting your skin breathe as it clogs the pores. Now clogged pores mean you are inviting that uninvited acne, pimples, and dull skin. So even if you apply makeup daily, do not forget to remove it every night before climbing to bed.

everyday makeup causes clogged pores

2. Cancer

Our next step on the list is cancer. No, we aren’t the ones claiming that. Skin Care Foundation claims that one out of every five Americans suffers from the life-threatening disease, skin cancer. Also, your favorite makeup products are brimmed with the ingredient that gives birth to cancerous cells, such as formaldehyde and arsenic. 

1. Eye Infections

Our last stop on the list is eye infections. Yes, makeup can cause eye infections. Even if you do not apply makeup, you must be aware that the skin under your eye is too sensitive. Therefore, we must think before using anything to be under the eye. But what we do instead is make the matter worse by applying concealers to hide our dark circles and blemishes. You do not even know what makeup product ingredients can cause eye irritation and infection.

every day makeup causes eye infections

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Tarishi Aggarwal
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