5 Reasons You Should Take An Eight Hours Sleep!

why to take eight hours sleep

It is 10 pm. You are busy scrolling through social media; then, you promise to sleep by 10:30 pm. After some time, you check the time, and it is 10:45 pm, and this time you think to hit the sack by 11, but the time never comes, and you stay awake every day till 1 or 2 pm. Have you ever wondered why we are told to get proper sleep of eight hours? Is there any science behind the number 8? Don’t fret. Let us dig into why is it necessary to take sleep for eight hours.

Here’s Why You Should Sleep For 8 Hours Everyday!

5. Boosts your Immune System

This reason might be a little bit tricky for you to understand. How would sleep be able to boost our immune system? Let us explain how. Several researchers claim that those people who sleep less than seven hours a day are more prone to infections such as the common cold, flu, etc. So, it is better to take proper sleep of eight hours. If you are facing trouble while falling asleep, you can take the help of activities promoting good sleep, such as reading before bed or taking a shower before bed.

why is it necessary to sleep eight hours

4. Lessens The Chances Of Depression

Several studies have shown that for people dealing with depression, lack of sleep is one of the factors of them dealing with it. If the published reports are to be believed, around 90 percent of people with depression suffer from problems directly related to their sleep. Sleeping early is better than dealing with mental health issues such as depression and anxiety.


3. Improves Productivity & Concentration Power

If you are habitual of sleeping less than seven hours, it might have a bad effect on your productivity, and the chances are you might have difficulty concentrating on your work. On the contrary, if you wake up after a night of proper sleep, you will not feel tired and can easily focus on your work.


eight hours sleep boosts productivity

2. Takes Care Of Your Hunger Levels

Hopping on to our next reason to get a full sleep of eight hours is to manage our hunger levels. There is no rocket science in understanding this. If you stay late, you will not be able to resist your inner food cravings and eat something late at night. Now your body would require more energy to digest the last meal, and you would wake up tired the next day. As you were sleeping, your body was still working.


1. Boosts Memory

Think in this way; you worked for eight hours straight, not even taking a break in between. When you reach home, your body is in dire need of rest. Amidst this, you forgot about your brain. Just like you were working non-stop, your brain worked too. How can your brain work the next day efficiently if you do not get the rest of the eight hours? A big NO. So, to boost your memory power, the only solution is to get proper and sound sleep of eight to nine hours.

eight hours sleep boosts memory power

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