Know About These Five Habits That Are Affecting Your Health!

habits that affects your health

From sipping your coffee in the morning or procrastinating your work, there are several habits we repeat every day. Some habits fall into the good category, while others only affect us badly. So, today we have come up with your habit of destroying your health. Also, here is a reminder that if you also follow these habits daily, you must stop. Come with us as we unravel the five things that are inadvertently affecting your health.

Here Are 5 Habits That Might Seem Harmless But Are Affecting Your Health Big Time!

5. Staying Seated All-Day

Your long hours spent working on your laptop in your office have never crossed your mind that this habit could lead to serious health complications. But, according to several studies, sitting for long hours in front of your tv or on your chair while working might lead to serious health problems such as cancer, blood clots, and disrupted mental health. But, don’t fret; you can escape this situation by taking small breaks every thirty minutes.

habits that affects our health

4. Excessive Screen Time

Hopping on to our next stop, excessive screen time is also a way you are harming your health inadvertently. Let us explain how? You would agree that smartphones should be declared an extra body organ. If you have read our previous articles, you must be aware of the effect of blue light. But for those living under the rock, don’t fret; we have got you covered. Blue light comes from our laptops and mobile screens and directly affects melatonin(a hormone that controls our sleep). If you spend more time on the phone, especially late at night, you are messing up your sleep cycle. Also, it is not a good idea to scroll on social media.

Excessive Screen Time bad for health

3. Too Much Sleep

Who doesn’t want to take sleep for more than eight hours, but your work schedule is not allowing you. But taking a sleep of more than eight hours can result in cardiovascular disease. A study by AHA(American Heart Association) revealed that excessive sleep could elevate the risk of heart diseases, especially in older women. 


too much sleep bad for health

2. Caffeine

Many of you cannot start your morning without taking a sip of your favorite coffee. Right? You are unknowingly harming your health through this daily habit of yours. How? After your dinner at night and before your next meal, there is a gap of six to eight hours. During this gap, your body becomes a little dehydrated. And if you sip coffee the first thing in the morning, you are making it worse. Remember to hydrate yourself first with water and then think of sipping your coffee.


1. Procrastination

Folks, you would be taken aback if we say that an average person spends 55 days a year procrastinating. Yet, many of you think procrastination is a regular habit. Right? But little do you know that the habit of procrastinating your work may invite cardiovascular problems such as heart attack and strokes. Bishop University in Canada researched 980 volunteers and studied their personality traits. The results showed that chronic procrastinators would delay exercise and a healthy lifestyle, thus inviting severe health problems such as heart disease. So you must stop procrastinating if you fall into this category as well.

habits that affects health

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