Why Are People Commenting ‘Protein Bor’ On Tik-Tok?

Weird trends and memes are born on Tik-Tok every single day. Have you been reading ‘protein Bor’ in the comments but still have no clue what it means? Well, the hilarious answer lies in this article. People of TikTok have lost their sanity and are commenting on these words in bizarre videos. The trend started with the video of an Irish fitness influencer, James Doyle, who has become a source of humor for millions. The 20-year-old uses a heavy Irish accent while speaking, making Protein Bar sound like ‘Protein Bor.’

In that video, he prompted Max to brown yo bar; I wonder how much profit ‘max brown yo protein or’ is making after hitting the viral stage. His accent pushed fans, so they started commenting ‘Protein Bor’ in his comment section. The trend spread like a forest fire, and Protein Bor is a leading word on Tik-Tok. Moreover, users even started making duets on his videos and sharing them out there, making fun of his accent.
Surprisingly, even Urban Dictionary added this term to their database. Hasn’t this boy done wonder?

How Popular Is James Doyle?

James Doyle is a 20-year-old Irish fitness influence who rates and reviews various supplements and makes workout videos. He has over 141.1k followers on the application, even as a beginner. With a question, this trend feels like the career beginning for James, as the boy has gained over 100k followers after the trend went viral; no doubt he loves his accent now. Reviewing his comment section, he has received offers from various protein brands and ‘Protein Bors’ for product promotion. Before this incident, he was not even a part of #GymTok.

The influencer used his social media account to thank his followers for making him reach 100k. His video reached 1.1 million views in 2 days, and the hashtag #proteinbor has already touched 8.6 million views; we see no stopping for James anytime soon.


Guess what his new Tik-Tok user name is. It’s Proteinborpapi. Isn’t the lad hilarious? The proteinbarpapi made another video saying, “I don’t know what to make of it… I didn’t mean for any of this to happen, but keep it lit! We’re in motion,” as he apologized to other creators for getting ‘Protein Bor’ in their comments. The fitness enthusiast also posted a video jokingly saying: “It won’t stop until every person on TikTok comments’ protein bor’ on this video,” and this video has hit the 435k milestone in terms of views and has bragged over 23k comments so far.

Let’s see how long this trend stays and what the next Tik-Tok trend will be, but we are sure that this trend will make you laugh, no matter how many times you watch the same thing. Now you know who gets all the credit if you receive ‘Protein Bor’ in your comment section.

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Tarishi Aggarwal
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