Do Pedicure and Manicure Really help?

pedicures and manicures

What is the first thing you notice when you shake hands with someone? Well, the majority will agree with nails. Nails are a blessing; we must care for the blessed with the best. NAils sure present personal grooming but other than that, nails are also running in trend these days. Various artists now follow specific nail trends and influence society more than imagined. Does the question now arise how one should take care of the nail? Do pedicures and manicures necessary? Are there any real health benefits of pedicures and manicures, or are they just leisure activities for people? Well, this article covers it all, stick till the end and get all the information you need.

What happens during pedicure and manicure?

Generally, manicures include hand massages, cuticle treatment, exfoliation, drip drying, wax treatment, buffing, and grooming of nails with the application of nail polish. On the other hand, Pedicure treatment consists of foot soak, exfoliation, cuticle treatment, foot massage, nail trimming, and grooming, followed by moisturizing and applying nail polish over the toenails.

pedicure and manicure


What are the Health Benefits of Pedicure and Manicure?

1- Better Skin

Our hands and feet are exposed to millions of bacteria present around. During our daily activities, these bacteria get stuck on our body parts in the form of dead skin cells. Using pedicures and manicures is an effective way to get rid of the rough skin and give the new skin space to grow.

2. Improving Blood Flow

During the process of pedicure and manicure, the pedicurist and manicurist massage and exfoliate the toes and fingernails, which makes the blood flow better. Also, it aids relaxation and helps in reducing pain.

3. Mental Health

Do you have a spa day once a month to release the steam? If not, try doing that, and you will love it. The process gives a ‘feel-good’ feeling, making one feel fresh and reborn. This leads to an overall increase in the growth of happy hormones and thus, gives better mental stability.

pedicures and manicures


4. Boosts Self Confidence

Nothing feels more empowering than a fresh, beautiful, and perfect look. Moreover, with a fresh set of nails with the polish of your favorite color, you can be confident enough to present a monologue in front of numerous people. Nothing sounds more relatable than fresh nails and walking with head held up high.

5. Reduction in Infection Growth

Pedicures and manicures involve various steps, most of which involve cleaning nails. This helps remove all sorts of fungus and disease-causing bacteria from nails. Adding to that, cracked and dead skin on nails is more at risk of letting bacteria flow in the body and causing harmful diseases. Pedicures and manicures remove that cracked skin and promote the growth of a healthy one. This reduces the catching and accommodating of bacteria in the body.

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Now, who is going to get peaceful pedicures and manicures this weekend? Our team sure will. To get more tips on self-care, follow this page and help us make your self-care journey even more beautiful.

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