Is Celebrity Obsession Affecting Our Lifestyle?

celebrity obsession

“Wish I had a body like Kylie Jenner,” every girl said. There is nothing wrong with liking a celebrity and following their activities. But, celebrity obsession is a parasite that ruins up the uniqueness in you and leads you to be just a copy. In modern society, no news gets more in trend than a celebrity losing or gaining weight or having a child. The major news sector focuses on the dating life of celebrities rather than the real issues going across the globe. If we analyze the current society, it can be figured out that most of the society is ruptured and owns their personality to some daily soap actor. The race doesn’t end here. It is just the beginning. The obsession grows every minute and, in the process, changes our lifestyle, culture, and mentality. Let’s see how all this happens in the modern world. So, stick till the end and find out.

celebrity obsession

Body Positivity and Celebrity Obsession

Celebrities these days speak hugely of body positivity while standing at their 24-inch waist plastic bodies. Celebrities have unintentionally set specific ‘perfect look’ criteria in people’s minds that everyone runs to achieve like horses in a race. Moreover, the obsession with celebrities and their perfect jawline has made people lose pounds, reach an unhealthy BMI, and get prone to various health issues. For instance, In Met Gala 2022, Kim Kardashian flaunted her body after losing 16pounds in 3 weeks, which isn’t healthy. But, the followers didn’t think for a minute and started taking up her diet.

celebrity obsession and body positivity

Cultural Drift and Celebrity Obsession

Did you realize that the entire world suddenly turned to Hollywood or K-pop? This is the huge impact that celebrity obsession has on the age-old culture of a place. This may someday lead to some cultures’ extinction and destroy diversity’s beauty. Fans go too deep to be like their favorite celebrity without even realizing the impact it may have on their country and culture.

Substance Abuse and Celebrity Obsession

Some celebrities hide their ugly substance abuse habits, but the paparazzi leave nothing behind the curtain. The youngsters and teenagers in this society have taken a huge bent towards using drugs and smoking marijuana, and most blame falls on Hollywood. The global release of particular videos also makes teens living in countries with banned substances use them. This is what extreme celebrity obsession can do to young minds.

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Mental Health and Celebrity Obsession

Celebrity obsession also plays a huge role in the deterioration of mental peace. Subconsciously, fans compare themselves to their idol celebs and forget they have other talents apart from the celebrity. They stop working on their life and blame themselves for not getting an Instagram blue tick.

Mental Health


Following a celebrity and having them as a role model can help one achieve great success and master many fields. Still, celebrity obsession will only lead to a downfall. One thing that we should not forget is that society is meant to be diverse. No two individuals can have the same types of bodies and talents. Putting everyone on the same scale won’t do any good but will reduce the person’s self-esteem.


Tarishi Aggarwal
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