Types of Tea: Here Are Five Teas You Should Try

types of teas

Most of you start your day with a hot coffee or tea. And if you miss that morning ritual by chance, nothing would upset you more. Right? For some of you, tea is nothing but a mixture of milk and tea leaves and some sugar. But what if we say several types of teas are beneficial for your health except this. Why not switch from your regular tea or coffee to these top types of tea. Suppose we ask you to name at least five teas; we bet the first tea you name would be green tea. So green tea’s benefits are not hidden. But today, we will discuss tea types other than green or black tea. Stick to the end to know the health benefits of including these five teas in your daily routine

Types of Tea: Here Are Five Teas You Should Try

5. Chamomile Tea

First on the list of types of tea is Chamomile Tea. This tea is a godsend for girls or women who suffer from painful period cramps. For most of you, this tea might be in the trend, but it has been a part of folk medicine for several years. Now coming to the health benefits of chamomile tea, this tea prevents you from cold and lowers the risk of cancer. 

chamomile tea

4. Hibiscus Tea

Known to be part of the Malvaceae family plants, Hibiscus Tea is next on the list of types of teas. Yes, the same hibiscus that elevates the look of the garden. Let us unravel the benefits of Hibiscus tea. Enriched with the goodness of antioxidants such as polyphenols, this tea reduces cancer risk with its anti-cancer properties. Not only this, but hibiscus tea takes good care of your liver and also prevents you from urinary tract infections.

hibiscus tea

3. Matcha Tea

Doesn’t it sound like mocha coffee? But trust us, mocha coffee and matcha tea are two different things. Let us get into the health benefit this type of tea provides. Chlorophyll content present in matcha tea acts as a detoxifier for your blood. In other words, it removes all the impurities or toxins from your blood. Matcha tea has its origins in Japan. Now is the time to replace a cup of coffee or tea in the morning with this beneficial tea.

matcha tea

2. Oolong Tea

Most of you might be hearing the name of this type of tea, oolong tea, for the first time. Just think of it as a close relative of green and black tea. Now you must be wondering where this tea came from? Well, answering your query, this tea has its origins in China. There are several health benefits that oolong tea can prove- for instance, weight loss and stress buster. Also, it is highly beneficial for people suffering from Eczema (a skin disease). The presence of the antioxidants in the oolong tea takes care of the disease and brings it from mild to moderate.

oolong tea

1. White Tea

You have heard about black tea and green tea. Now, what is the logic behind white tea? So, without further ado, let’s talk about the benefits of white tea. White tea protects us from incurable diseases such as Parkinson’s disease. White tea also reduces the signs of aging, leaving a natural and radiant glow on your face. Besides Parkinson’s disease, white tea also lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases. 

white tea

So, this was the scoop on the tea you should try. And we are sure that by now you must have got your answer. So, that’s all for today. Stay tuned as more is coming your way. And don’t forget to follow Health WriteUps for a daily dose of health-related articles. 

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