Tampons vs. Menstrual Cups: Which One Is The Correct Choice For You?

tampons vs. menstrual cups

For ages, you have been using sanitary pads during your periods; however, the recent advertisement online regarding women switching from sanitary pads to menstrual cups and tampons is now making you wonder about your choices. So, if you consider switching to using tampons vs. menstrual cups instead of pads, the answer is yes. If all these women can do it, then why can’t you? But if you are also in a dilemma to choose tampons vs. menstrual cups for your next period, then we have come to put a full stop to all of your queries.

Modern Day Dilemma: Tampons vs Menstrual Cups

Which one is good for your body?

When comparing both the products, the first question arises is which one is best for your body? Nothing can beat a menstrual cup. However, if we talk about tampons, then tampons are uncomfortable for you to use and bad for the environment. It is because of the material it has made of. On the other hand, menstrual cups are good for the environment and are made up of medically graded silicone that can last up to ten years. On the other hand, tampons are made from harmful materials such as dioxins and bleach that can affect your vaginal flora.

tampons or mestrual cups

Pads, Tampons, Or Menstrual Cups: Which One Is More Convenient?

Tampons will get the point if we talk about which one is more convenient out of the two. If you use tampons, you do not have to change them every three to four hours. The tampons can be used for up to seven to eight hours. But the best part of using menstrual cups is that you do not need to spend monthly money on sanitary pads. In this case, all you have to do is spend your money once on suitable menstrual cups and can reuse it whenever you need them.

menstrual cups

Tampons vs. Menstrual Cups: Which One Is More Comfortable?

If we talk about which one is more comfortable, the point goes to the menstrual cup because some women feel uncomfortable wearing tampons. At the same time, some women don’t even feel a thing when they use menstrual cups. What’s the best feeling when you don’t remember that you are on your period.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Making Your Choice: Tampons vs.Menstrual Cups

Menstrual cups are reusable, meaning you can reuse them during your next periods. But before doing that, you need to sterilize the cups first. After that, you must keep your menstrual cups in a pan and boil them for five to seven minutes. And if you have recently switched from sanitary pads to tampons or menstrual cups, first, you need to learn the proper and correct way to use them. For example, learning the right way to insert menstrual cups and tampons would keep you away from leakage and discomfort.

tampons and menstrual cups

So, this was the scoop on tampons vs. menstrual cups, which one is better for you. And we are sure that by now you must have got your answer. So, that’s all for today. Stay tuned as more is coming your way. And don’t forget to follow Health WriteUps for a daily dose of health-related articles. 

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