Pre-Workout Meal: What Should I Eat Before Workout?

pre-workout meal

Sometimes you feel energized and super active at the time of your workout, and sometimes, you just want to skip it. However, if you feel lethargic before your workout, there could be multiple reasons behind this. Yes, the topmost reason is that your body is drained out because of the work you did in the office today. But the other reason behind this is your last meal before breakfast. Yes, your pre-workout meal also decides your energy level. So, today folk has divided the pre-workout meals into time phrases. Stick to the very end and know whether you are making the same mistake of consuming the wrong meal before your workout. So, here is the scoop on what you should eat before your workout: 

What to eat before a workout? 

2 hours before the workout

what to eat before workout

Now that you have plenty of time before your workout, you can think of having a diet with all macros. In other words, your pre-workout meal should consist of protein, carbohydrates, and fats. It is safe to have chicken, fish, or tofu in the protein part. As your body would get enough time to digest it. Don’t get devoid of fats; include them in your diet in the form of almond butter, avocado, or seeds. 

1-2 hours before the workout

Eating protein and carbohydrates with fats can be a good option if you have ample time before a workout. However, yogurt or milk is a must before a workout as protein. Talking about carbohydrates, you can eat fruits, bread, or oatmeal. But you should consider that the quantity of fats before a pre-workout meal should be limited. Have fats in the form of eggs and cottage cheese( popularly known as paneer). 

Half an hour before the workout

Suppose if you are behind gaining mass, then eating a meal rich in carbs and protein is advisable. You can find carbohydrates in various fruits such as mango, banana, and grapes. Now coming to the protein intake before a workout, you should drink non-fat drinks. Milk or Greek yogurt would work best if you want a meal brimming with protein. 


Things to take care of before workout: 

Stay Hydrated 

water and workout

You are committing the big mistake of not keeping yourself hydrated enough for the workout. It is advised that men should gulp down at least three liters of water every day. At the same time, ladies should keep then hydrated by gulping down 2.5 liters of water every day. 

Take a sip of coffee! 

Yes, we know this tip might sound weird to many of you. How the intake of caffeine before a workout should be considered healthy. Let us explain how. We aren’t the ones claiming that; several researchers have demonstrated how caffeine intake ( either in the form of green tea or coffee) before your workout session may elevate your performance to the next level.

Protein Bar or NO Protein Bar? 

protein bar

If you follow several fitness gurus that are experts in marketing, the intake of protein bars won’t be a new concept for you. So naturally, you think that these bars would help you in fulfilling your specific fitness goals. But you don’t know the high amount of sugar in these so-called protein bars. So, it is advised to say a big NO to these protein bars as a pre-workout meal.  

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