Follow These Five Ways To Get A Chiseled Jawline!

5 ways to get chiseled jawline


Celebrities like Angelina Jolie, David Beckham, and Johnny Depp are the ones who are blessed with a perfect jawline. But, looking at them makes us wonder how they have perfect jawlines? It is time for the truth bomb; some people are blessed to have these chiseled jawlines naturally. But, at the same time, some people like us dream of a perfect jawline. There are two ways to get a chiseled jawline. Either burn a hole in your pockets and go through minor plastic surgery or achieve the desired look naturally with some simple steps. People who are interested in surgery should look for a good plastic surgeon. But the people who want to look attractive with a natural jawline should stick to the end to know the five ways to do that. 

5 Smiling 

smile for chiseled jawline

Smiling can help you get a chiseled jawline. How? Let us explain how. Every time you smile, your facial muscles tone up. Think of smiling as an exercise that expands your cheekbones. 

4 Fish Face 

Hopping on to this exciting way to get a chiseled jawline, the fish face is nothing new. Most of you would be wondering what exactly is a fish face. No worries, let us make things easy for you. Think of the face girls usually make while clicking a selfie. If you are thinking of a pout face, you are right. For this, you need to pull your lips outward and suck your cheeks inward. This would make you look like a fish. Make this face for 20 to 30 seconds, and then repeat ten times at least. Also, rest in between while doing this because your face might hurt a little. 

3 A, E, I, O, YOU 

aeiou for chiseled jawline

No, we aren’t here to tell you what vowels are. But, unknowingly, these vowels can lead you to a perfect jawline. Also, saying these vowels ( A, E, I, O, U ) out loud will raise your neck muscles. So again, think of this activity as a face exercise. Repeat these vowels by saying loudly as you can. And also, while doing this, make sure to expand the face to get better and immediate results. 


2 Say a big YES to Chewing Gum 

Chewing gum is a tried and tested method to get a perfect chiseled jawline. You would love to chew gum more once you know that doing this would make you look more attractive. And the best part of this activity is that you do not need to take extra time to chew gum. Just do this while reading a book, working, or watching television. 

1 Chin Lift Exercise 

chin lift for chiseled jawline

Lastly, practicing chin lift exercises daily would benefit you as it would shed the extra fat around your chin, giving you a sharper look. Doing chin lift is no rocket science. Imagine you are talking to a person way taller than you. Now pull your lips outward and stay in that position for at least five to eight seconds. If you continue this exercise daily ten times, within no time, you will fulfill your fantasy of having a perfect chiseled jawline. 

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Tarishi Aggarwal
Ph.D. in Dental Science, Tarishi is well known for his works in the health sector. Reach out at [email protected]