Why Fruit Juice Is Not Healthy: 5 Reasons You Should Know!

why fruit juice are not healthy

What do you prefer for breakfast? Scrambled eggs combined with the salad or a glass of fruit juice. Right? You might be mistaken if you feel you are starting your day with a healthy meal. Nothing is wrong with the salad or scrambled eggs, but the fruit juice. This food product has been marketed and sold as a healthy meal for years. But the reality is, it is not as real as it seems to be. So, here is the list of five reasons why fruit juice is not healthy as you think. Also, stick to the end to break the myth that fruit juice is a healthy meal. 

5 Reasons Why Fruit Juice Is Not Healthy As You Think!

5 Weight Gain

You want to lose weight. You are following every possible way to lose weight. But nothing works. Do you know the reason why? The so-called fruit juice you drink every morning. Regular fruit juice consumption will only increase sugar and calories in the body. Think this way: if you drink one glass full of apple juice and think it is healthy, you inadvertently consume the sugar of three apples together. So before pouring any fruit juice into your glass, you must think twice about the calories you would be intaking with it. 

why fruit juice is not healthy

4 No Fiber 

It is no brainer that fruits contain a high amount of fiber that helps us maintain a sound digestive system. But if you think there is no difference between fruit and fruit juice, then you might be wrong. Unlike natural fruits, fruit juices have no fiber in them. Therefore, blending your favorite fruits and making a smoothie is better. What is the point of intaking a glass full of fruit juice if it does not provide you with the same nutrition as a natural fruit? Now you know the reason why researchers claim that fruit juice is not healthy.

3 False Promises 

Suppose we ask you: Are fruit juices healthy?. Of course, most of you would say yes, thinking that the fruit juices you drink every day in your breakfast are healthy in real. But it is time for the truth bomb. Suppose you drink orange juice every day for breakfast. One glass of orange juice is no less than consuming three to four oranges together. So, before putting any fruit juice in your cart, always ask, ‘Am I taking a healthy fruit juice home, or is it just a false promise?’.  


2 Surge in Blood Sugar Levels 

Have you ever wondered why you always crave fruit juice but not real fruit? This is because of the connection of the experience you feel while gulping down the fruit juice brimmed with high levels of sugar. And now you want to have that same experience again, leading to the addition of sugar. But we are not talking about the addiction to the fruit juice; instead, we focus on the sugar you consume every time with the juice. 

why fruit juice isn't healthy

1 No Calories 

The fitness freak always has the same word on the tip of their tongue while eating anything, Calories. However, calories aren’t your enemy; instead, they act as fuel in your body and keep you going all day long. For example, suppose you consume 175 calories while gulping down one glass of fruit juice. But the problem with the calories is that now you would eat something after that, adding the total calory toll of the day. 

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