Do You Use Too Much Hair Gels? Know These Side Effects Of Hair Gel

side effects of hair gel

Moving out of your home for work, you make several heads turn. The reason is your top-notch hairstyle. And what did make your hairstyle so perfect? Of course, your hair gel. If you are one of those people who cannot go out without setting your hair with hair gel. Then this article is for you. As unknowingly, you must be affecting the overall health of your hair. The chemical-based hair gel might make our hair look good but harms them in the long run. So, here is the scoop on how excessive use of hair gel on your hair might mess up your scalp’s health. Stick to the end and know whether you are repeating the same mistake or not. 

#4 Hair loss 

hair loss

The only thing that everyone is afraid of is hair loss. And how does hair gel promotes hair loss? Let us explain how. Hair gels tend to leave your scalp dry and itchy. And it is not that cumbersome to guess what happens when your scalp remains dry for a long time. Your hair follicles weaken and lead to hair loss. Brimmed with the chemical compounds of your favorite gel clogs the pores. Applying more and more hair gel would only make it worse. For instance, hair thinning and even baldness. 

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#3 Causes Dandruff

You apply so many remedies and shampoos to cure your dandruff, but nothing works. Do you want to know the reason? The reason is the hair gel you apply every day while getting ready. Yes, you read it right. The excessive use of hair gel will leave your scalp dry. And the dryness of the scalp would invite dandruff. So always say a big NO to the itchy, dry, and unhealthy scalp. 

Causes of dandruff

#2 Dehydrates and dry your hair 

hair gel causees dry hair

We know that your hair gels elevate the whole look of your hairstyle. But if you apply the gel on your hair regularly, you must stop here. Why? Because of the alcohol-based chemicals that are enough to harm your hair’s overall health by making it dry and rough. Little do you know that your favorite hair gel is seeking away all of the moisture and making them frizzy and dull. So, the excessive use of hair gel may invite some hair issues. So, be cautious every time you use this product. These products directly attack the sebum, which takes care of your hair’s moisture. This normal hair issue might morph into severe scalp acne if left untreated for a long time. 

#1 Discoloration 

discoloration of hair


We can never run out of harmful effects caused by hair gel if we start counting them. Hair gel promotes hair issues such as hair thinning, hair fall, dryness, split ends, etc. Besides that, if you continue the consumption of hair gel, higher are the chances to invite premature graying. Turning your hair gray in your twenties is the last thing one could ask for. After attacking your hair’s natural moisture, hair gel messes with the pH balance and leads to discoloration. 

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