Difference Between Men’s And Women’s Skincare: You Should Know About

Men's and Women's Skincare

Folks, if you believe that skincare products and the regime are the same for men and women, then you might be mistaken. Most of you aren’t aware that there is a difference between men’s and women’s skincare. The reason behind this is the difference in their skin type. The hormones also play a critical role in setting them apart. Estrogen takes the change of developing the women features in women’s skin. While at the same time same work is done by the hormone testosterone in men.

If the skin types of men and women differ, how can we expect the regime to work perfectly on both of them? So, today we have come up with the difference between men’s and women’s skincare. Stick to the end to know your mistakes, thinking that men’s and women’s skin are the same. 

Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Skincare 

5 Sebum

Ladies, do you also envy how men’s skin is always glowing and shiny even though they do not follow any skincare regime? This is because of the presence of sebaceous glands in their skin that are responsible for oil production. Now, women’s skin has smaller pores than men’s. So, due to the large pores, men’s skin produces more oil than women’s, which is one of the differences between Men’s and Women’s Skincare.

difference between men and women skincare

4 Skin pH

The National Library of Medicine conducted a study and found out that women’s skin pH is much more basic than men’s. However, a study also conducted in 1987 revealed that the pH level is not dependent on gender. If we talk about the high pH level in women’s and men’s skin, then men’s forehead and women’s cheeks have the highest pH value of the whole face. 

difference between men's and women's skincare

3 Skin Thickness 

The main difference between men’s and women’s skincare is their skin thickness. As per dermatologists, men’s skin is somewhat 25% thicker than women’s. This is why women’s skin is more prone to wrinkles than men’s. However, due to the thickness of the skin, wrinkles on men’s faces are much deeper than that on women’s. So, skin thickness is one of the biggest differences between Men’s and Women’s Skincare.

men's and women's skincare difference

2 Skin Texture 

Even if you are unaware of the skincare regime, you must know that the texture of women’s and men’s skin are two different things. Women’s skin is soft and smooth, while on the other hand, men’s skin texture is rough. This is because of the regular shaving of facial hair. So, it is not necessary that the skin products that work perfectly on women’s skin might work on men’s skin too. 


1 Aging 

They are hopping on to the last difference between men’s and women’s skincare. Men usually show signs of aging later than women because collagen levels are higher in their skin. There is also a factor behind the difference in aging in men and women other than collagen production. We are talking about sun exposure, which also makes the skin more prone to aging. Those who take precautions while stepping outside are on the safer side. 

men and women skincare difference

So, that’s all for today’s update regarding the difference between Men’s and Women’s Skincare. Stay tuned as more is coming your way. And don’t forget to follow Health WriteUps for a daily dose of health-related articles. 

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