Five Reasons You Should Know Why To Apply Conditioner After Shampoo

Ladies, you would be lying if you do not want to flick your hair everywhere you go, the day you take a head wash. It happens, right? Have you ever wondered what is causing your hair to be so soft, shiny, and smooth? The answer is conditioner. It’s time to add conditioner to your head wash if you don’t already. So, folks, today, we have come up with a list of why you should apply conditioner to your hair after shampoo. Stick to the end to know the five reasons to include conditioner as a part of your hair care regime.

Here Are 5 Reasons Why Conditioner Is A Must After Shampoo

5. Moisturisation

Let us discuss the first benefit of applying conditioner to your hair after shampoo. If you want to take the head wash, you need two simple steps for that, the first is shampoo and the second one is conditioner. Right? As you step outside, your scalp also comes in contact with dirt and dust, just like your skin. So, shampoo comes in handy in this situation and removes all the dirt and dust, leaving your scalp all clean. So, now is the time to use conditioner, which provides all the nourishment your scalp needs, making them soft, smooth, and silky.

benefits of conditioner

4. Protection From Chemicals

We cannot live without doing experiments on our hair. Creating new hairstyles and coloring their hair is a favorite pastime of some people. But, do you ever wonder how much your hair is damaged every time you use a straightener or curler? The conditioner comes to the rescue for your hair. It protects them from all the damage that is caused by the heat. But how? Every time you use conditioner after shampoo, it creates a layer on your hair strands and protects them from the damage and heat caused by your curlers or straighteners.

3. Prevents Hair Breakage

A conditioner is the best thing a conditioner can do to your hair to prevent further hair breakage. Applying conditioner after shampoo means letting the hair free from frizziness and tangles. Now, as they have become soft and de-tangled, your comb will run smoothly in your hair, preventing hair breakage. Now you can style your hair any way you want without fearing tangles or hair breakage.


conditioner prevents split ends

2. Remove Split Ends

Getting rid of split ends is another benefit of applying conditioner after shampooing. But, have you ever wondered what the reason is for split ends? If your hair is dry and breakable, it won’t take long to start splitting. Now, how do this split ends damage our hair? First, having split ends in your hair means stopping your hair growth. So, regular conditioner use solves the root cause of the split ends, which is dryness, and makes your hair silky smooth, moisturized, and nourished like never before.

1. Brings Back Shine And Luster

While glancing at yourself in the mirror, hadn’t you noticed that your hair had lost its shine and luster? If yes, you must look for ways to bring back that lost shine and luster to your hair. We have the solution for you, conditioner. The conditioner nourishes your hair at a deeper level because of the presence of conditioning ingredients in it.

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