Castor Oil vs Coconut Oil: Which Promotes Hair Growth Better?

castor oil and coconut oil

Just like to remain healthy, you need three meals a day. Similarly, your hair needs its meal, but in the form of oil. You are not nourishing your hair with oil and thinking, why isn’t my hair growing? How would they grow if you are not pampering them with the nutrients they need to grow. There are hordes of hair oils available in the market enough to confuse you. But today, we have come up with two options in hair oil that would make your hair long, voluminous, and lustrous. So come with us as we unravel which hair oil is best for hair growth, coconut oil or castor oil. 

Benefits of Coconut Oil 

#5 Curbs Dandruff

coconut oil for hair growth

The first benefit of applying coconut to your hair is that it curbs dandruff. Heat some coconut oil and add some camphor to it, then use this mixture on your scalp. You would not only get rid of dandruff but also the dirt. 

#4 Solves other hair problems 

If applied regularly, coconut oil frees you from other hair issues such as split ends, roughness, and dryness.

#3 Prevents Hair Loss

coconut oil prevents hair loss

Enriched with the goodness of lauric acid and capric acid, coconut oil gifts your scalp and hair with nutrients and proteins. The nutrients present in the coconut oil will strengthen the hair follicles and prevents further hair loss.  

#2 Boosts Blood Circulation 

When it comes to blood circulation, nothing works better than coconut oil. So, if you massage your hair with coconut oil, it will ensure your brain won’t be devoid of oxygen. That means improved blood circulation will prevent further breakage and hair loss. 

#1 Locks the moisture

coconut oil benefits

Hopping on the last benefit of coconut oil is that it prevents our hair from the damage caused by the environment. Besides that, it locks the moisture in our hair and makes it longer and healthier. 

Benefits of Castor Oil 

#5 Fights bacteria and fungus 

On the other hand, Castor Oil has several properties that promote hair growth, such as anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. So, these properties act as an enemy to the bacteria and fungi and show them the exit door. The bacteria and fungus present in our scalp stem from the growth of the hair. 

#4 Provides Nourishment 

healthy hair

Castor oil is known for its thickness. So, if you nourish your hair with castor oil, its thickness will prevent hair loss and make it stronger from the roots. Besides that, it prevents further shedding of the hair strands. 

#3 Bring Backs shine and Luster 

If your hair loses shine and Luster, castor oil will help bring it back. The regular application of castor oil not only makes your hair strong but also makes it smooth and shiny. 

#2 Budget-Friendly 

This hair oil will not put a hole in your pocket and will save you tons of money. The other advantage is that castor oil is easily accessible in the market. 

#1 Provides volume 

healthy hair with coconut oil

One of the best parts of castor oil is that you can apply it to your eyebrows and eyelashes. So many people want thicker and denser eyelashes. So regular use of castor oil would make it possible. You can also make your eyebrows thick if you fear their thickness. 

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Tarishi Aggarwal
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