Say Goodbye to Hair Fall With These Natural remedies!

natural ways to reduce hairfall

Can you tell us the one thing that will follow you, no matter anywhere you go? Any guesses? Well, your hair. You leave at least 4-5 hair strands everywhere you go. If you are facing this same problem, this article is for you. You have changed several shampoos, but nothing worked for your hair fall. Don’t fret; if chemical-based shampoos are not working for you, do not hesitate to take help from the natural ways. You would be taken aback once we reveal the number of people who suffer from this hair issue. Approximately 35 million men and 21 million women globally deal with hair issues such as hair fall. So, folks, let us unravel the natural ways of reducing hair fall. 

#5 Fenugreek Sees (Methi Daana) 

reduce hair fall naturally

You must have heard the benefits of fenugreek seeds from your grandmother. If not, then we will cover that for you. This simple ingredient used in cooking can do wonders to your hair with its proteins and nicotinic acid. If you follow this remedy religiously, then forget about the hair problems such as hair thinning, luster, and shine, as fenugreek seeds will take care of that. First, do not forget to soak one cup of fenugreek seeds at night. And the next thing you do in the morning is to make a thick paste and apply this hair pack to your hair. Let this hair pack do the wonders, and by the time you can read your favorite book or groove on your favorite song. After the container is dried, take a hair wash and rinse it thoroughly. 

#4 Amla 

Also known as Indian gooseberry, Amla works perfectly on your hair fall problems. This is because Amla is enriched with the nutrients such as antioxidants, vitamin C, and other properties that cure your hair fall issue. Known as a best friend for your hair follicles, Amla also takes care of the health of your scalp. Take at least four to five gooseberries; make a thin paste by adding a few drops of coconut oil. Let it rest for 20-30 minutes, then rinse the hair pack thoroughly with your regular shampoo. 

#3 Coconut Milk 

coconut milk for hair fall

Coconut milk has every nutrient you can think of. The sole responsibility of this product is to take care of the hair issues such as breakage, hair fall, lost shine, and many more. Now it is time to learn how to benefit from this incredible food. For the hair pack or remedy, take 1 cup of coconut milk. And massage your hair with it. If you do not want to make a mess, don’t forget to cover your head with a towel. Let it rest for 30 minutes. The last step is to rinse your hair thoroughly and then wash it with your regular shampoo (mild). 


#2 Aloe Vera 

Yes, this list would be incomplete without mentioning this natural ingredient, aloe vera. Aloe vera not only pampers your skin with its nutrients but also treats your several hair problems. This remedy is a bit simple and easy to do. You must extract the aloe vera’s fresh pulp and apply it directly to your hair from root to tips. Use this remedy at least twice or thrice weekly for immediate and better results. Also, if dandruff has made your scalp dry and itchy, you can make your way to this natural remedy. 

#1 Beetroot Juice 

beetroot juice for hairfall

Now, hop on to the last natural ingredient that would help you fight hair loss, beetroot juice. Beetroot doesn’t only bring a natural glow to your cheeks by making them super pink but also helps in reducing hair fall. If you include this food in your daily diet, you will eliminate the hair fall. For this remedy, take some beetroot leaves and 1 tbsp of henna. First, you must make a thick paste of beetroot leaves by boiling them and adding some henna. Then, your hair remedy is ready; apply this on your hair from roots to tips, leave it for 20-30 minutes, and rinse the pack thoroughly with shampoo. It is advised to apply this natural hair pack thrice a week to see immediate results. 

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Tarishi Aggarwal
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