5 Good And 5 Bad Habits That Influence Your Sleep Cycle!

good and bad sleep habits

Has it ever happened to you that you still feel sluggish and lousy even after taking a good amount of sleep? If yes, then it is the time to adjust your habits because, unknowingly, they are messing up your sleep cycle. You would be shocked once we say that globally 237 million people suffer from sleeping disorders such as insomnia. How would you get to know whether this habit is good for my sleep cycle or not? Don’t fret; we have made things easy for you. Today we have come up with five good and five bad habits that influence your sleep and sleep cycle. 

Adopt these five sleep habits: 

sleep habits influence sleep cycle

#5 Meditation before bed 

Meditation before bedtime is not a bad option if you are looking for ways to improve your sleep cycle. However, there are multiple ways besides where you can calm and relax your mind; for instance, a short stroll or breathing activities will also work perfectly for your sleep cycle. Also, small actions such as cleaning your bookshelf and doing the dishes act as a stress buster and calm and relax your mind and body. 

#4 Staying on a regular sleep schedule

Maintaining a sleep schedule is the next good sleep habit you should adopt if you haven’t. Sleeping and waking up simultaneously would train your brain to maintain a fixed sleep schedule. For example, suppose you have improved your sleep schedule and go to bed daily by 10 pm. You will notice you feel sleepy around 10 pm after a few days. This is because you have trained your brain to relax during this time of the day. 

#3 Taking care of the sleep environment 

Would you sleep faster in a neat and clean environment or a messy or untidy one? You will sleep like a baby in a cozy and tidy environment. Besides this, you can also do several things to make your room a sleep-friendly environment. For instance, sleeping in a cool, dark area would be more relaxing. Also, before sleeping, eliminate the unnecessary noise that may disturb you during sleep. 

#2 Intake of sleep-friendly foods 

good sleeping habits

Besides the point mentioned above, intaking sleep-friendly foods before bed also influence your sleep cycles but in a positive way. If you are following our recent articles, then you must know about these sleep-friendly foods. For those of you living under the rock, we are here you tell you about how sleep-friendly foods such as bananas, spinach, almonds, white rice, and many more. 

#1 Exercise daily 

Adapting this habit to your daily routine will combat several health issues of yours, such as stress, weight, and many more. Also, set a pattern of exercising daily, especially in the morning. But it begs the question of how much exercise would be sufficient for us. According to organizations such as the American Heart Association and the National Institutes of Health, daily 30 minutes of exercise is enough for us to develop a deeper sleep schedule. 

Avoid these 5 Sleep habits: 

bad sleeping habits

#5 Choosing odd hours for sleep

If you sleep at two and wake up at 7 in the morning, you are messing up your health and sleep cycle. Doing this will also mess with the sleep hormone i,e, melatonin. This is because our body is chronic to the circadian rhythm. During the day, when we are exposed to maximum light, sleep hormones become inactive and let us work with energy and enthusiasm throughout the day. Now at night, when we are exposed to less light than during the day, this is where melatonin becomes active and makes us sleepy. If you continue to do this, the chances of developing sleep disorders such as insomnia are higher. 

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#4 Sipping coffee before bedtime 

Most of you know that caffeine is the biggest enemy of your restful sleep. But often, we commit the same mistake of sipping coffee or tea just before bedtime. However, not even before bedtime, caffeine consumption late in the day can disrupt your sleep cycle, leaving you in bed changing sides the whole night. Therefore, it is advised to avoid caffeine consumption, such as tea or coffee, after lunch. 

#3 Eating just before the bedtime 

Suppose you had your favorite Mac and cheese pasta for dinner. Now, you are still trying to sleep on your bed. Why? You completed the task and ate dinner, but what about our body that will work extra to digest the mac and cheese you had in feed. To avoid this situation, try having breakfast at least two to three hours before bedtime. For instance, your bedtime is 10 pm; make sure to eat dinner by 8 pm. Also, Instead of having heavy meals, try to eat some light dinner. 

#2 Keeping your phone near your bed 

bad sleep habits

Your parents must have advised you not to keep your mobile phone near your bed before sleep. Well, there is a reason for that. The blue light from your mobile phone messes up with the hormone melatonin that takes care of the sleep. Another reason is that if you keep your phone near you, the first thing you will do in the morning is to open social media tabs which affect your productivity. So listen to your parents, keep your phone away before sleep, and sleep like a baby. 

#1 Untidy Environment 

How can you sleep if a pile of clothes is lying near your bed, your shoes are lying on the floor, and your laptop is near you? Do you think you will be able to rest well with this mess around you? Obviously, no. The reason behind this is that seeing all this mess, your mind will not be able to concentrate on sleep, and the quantity won’t stop bothering him. Instead of struggling to sleep in bed, get up and clear the clutter around you. This will calm you and swoosh away all the stress and tension. 

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