10 Foods That Help You Sleep Better!

foods for better sleep

You have just reached home after a nine-hour long shift from work. The only thing you want is your bed and sound sleep. But before that, watching the match, you sipped coffee. It is 10: 30 pm, and you close your eyes and try to get some rest. But you can’t sleep. Then the next day, you get up tired, and thus this all affects your productivity. But what prevents you from falling asleep? The sip of coffee you had last night. 

Lucky are those who fall asleep within minutes they lay in bed. On the contrary, another section of people struggles to sleep lying with eyes wide open at midnight. A National Center for Biotechnology Information survey demonstrated that people aged 20 to 39 years face short sleep duration. So instead of coffee, you can have these ten foods that will make you sleep like a baby. So, stick to the end to know the ten superfoods for better and sound sleep. 

foods for a better sleep

#10 Spinach 

Spinach provides you with several benefits you can think of. First, you grab a portion of spinach, and you can gain muscle power just like Popeye. Also, it can help you to make you fall asleep much faster than usual. Here is another advantage of consuming spinach before bed. Spinach is the one for you if you are also facing sleeping disorders like nighttime walking. Enriched with magnesium, this green leafy vegetable stems leg cramps. 

#9 Bananas 

Ever wondered if the bananas kept in your fruit basket may help you in restful sleep. If not, then you should read about it first. Bananas are rich in several nutrients and minerals, such as potassium. Potassium especially takes care of sleep efficiency resulting in sound sleep. According to a clinical study, bananas enriched with magnesium lower anxiety. In addition to anxiety and stress, the study revealed that sleeplessness has much to do with a lack of sleep. Also, the serotonin present in bananas fights stress with its calming properties. 

#8 Almonds 

almonds for better sleep

The only fact we know about almond is that it boosts our memory power. But do you see a bunch of almonds that can make you sleep tight daily? This is because this dried fruit contains nutrients such as magnesium and tryptophan, whose main job is to bring your heart rhythms to a slower pace. As a result, you also feel a relaxation in your body’s muscle and nerve function. 

#7 Chamomile Tea 

This list is incomplete without the mention of chamomile tea. This tea has been known to reduce anxiety, inflammation, and stress for several years. Also, chamomile tea was traditionally used as a mild tranquilizer. However, there is a difference between chamomile tea and sleeping pills. Due to its natural ingredients, chamomile tea suits young and old alike.

You can have a better sleep by using this method!

#6 Rice (White)

White rice is the one meal that your mother says to avoid during lunch. Why? Once you have a plate full of rice, the next thing you want is to get a nap. This is because of the presence of glycemic acid in white rice that stimulates sleep. Also, do not consume white rice at night if you look forward to shedding some weight as rice gains weight. Moreover, Japanese research revealed that eating rice before bed has a better impact on sleep than eating bread or noodles.

#5 Kiwi

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Originally known as ‘Chinese gooseberry,’ Kiwi is enriched with serotonin. Serotonin’s main job is to control your sleep cycle. The reports published in the Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2011 claim that consuming two kiwis before going to bed every day increases the chances of falling asleep faster by 42 percent. 

#4 Walnuts 

The reason walnut is considered a food for better sleep is the presence of the hormone melatonin. So what does this hormone do for better sleep? Melatonin is in charge of your sleep quality and sleeping pattern. Furthermore, several clinical trials have shown that walnuts enriched with Omega-3 reduce waking time at night. So, for those lying on the bed at 2. A.M with wide eyes open, a bunch full of walnuts will make you doze off. 

#3 Eggs 

Next on the list is eggs. Yes, we know that your favorite part of breakfast is eggs. Also, eggs are enriched with vitamin D, tryptophan, and melatonin. Instead of lying in bed, waiting to fall asleep, you can eat eggs for dinner. With the goodness of eleven vitamins and minerals, eggs are the perfect solution for those looking for a natural remedy to fall asleep much faster. Tryptophan in the eggs explicitly instructs your brain to rest as it is time to shut down for a while. 

#2 Oats

oats for better sleep

Reading oats in this list left you wondering, isn’t oats a part of breakfast? Of course, oats must be a part of your mornings but try including this meal before bed. But why? The grains present in the oats activate the production of insulin. As a result, the increased insulin would increase the blood sugar levels in your body, automatically making you feel drowsy. Not only this, this healthy breakfast( now a part of your dinner) includes a hormone called melatonin. You feel relaxed as a result of this hormone.

#1 Yogurt 

Last but not least, the food on our list that promotes better sleep is yogurt. How can we forget about the nutrient in the yogurt, tryptophan? As soon as you consume a bowl of yogurt, you will also think about having a short nap or siesta. This is because of the presence of tryptophan in yogurt. Also, the secretion of two hormones, serotonin, and melatonin, works solely to promote better sleep. 

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Tarishi Aggarwal
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