Monsoon Skincare: Pamper Your Skin With These Top 5 Monsoon Beauty Tips!

5 beauty tips for monsoon

MONSOON is here! Finally, it is time to relish the rainy season with a sip of tea and some pakoras (spiced fritters). Right? But as you enjoy this monsoon, your skin suffers from a handful of skin problem that comes free with your favorite monsoon. And if you have acne-prone and oily skin, you have to take extra care of your skin; otherwise, get ready to face a tough time this rainy reason. So how do you enjoy this monsoon season without worrying about your skin? Come with us as we unravel the top 5 beauty hacks to pamper your skin this monsoon. 


Tip 5: Say NO to heavy makeup 

Yes, we know you love doing makeup, and this tip must have disappointed many. But saying no to heavy makeup is a panacea for all your skin problems. How? Just like you want fresh and clear air to breathe, your skin wants that too. But if you wear heavy makeup, it becomes your skin to breathe as heavy makeup clogs pores. BB or CC cream won’t disappoint you in covering your blemishes and dark spot. Also, don’t forget that your favorite concealer or foundation is not so good for your skin in monsoon. 

Tip 4: Make sunscreen your skin’s best friend 

Folks, we know what you are thinking; what is the need to apply sunscreen during the rainy season? Of course, this tip will not make sense to you now, but what if we say that sunscreen protects you from harmful UV rays even when the sun is wrapped under the clouds. So, don’t skip applying sunscreen to your face and body, even during the rainy season. 

Tip 3: Don’t forget the moisturizer 

monsoon beauty hacks

Hopping on to the next tip that will pamper your skin even in the humid climate is making the way to moisturizer. Think this way; moisturizer is the key to healthy and glowing skin. Applying moisturizer in monsoon comes with many benefits, you can think. First of all, your skin will stay hydrated and moisturized. And second is that moisturizer will take care of the excess oil your skin produces. 

Tip 2: Exfoliation is the secret 

Make exfoliation a part of your daily skincare routine, especially during monsoon season. Regular exfoliation helps in circulating blood all over your face and eliminates dead skin cells hidden under the skin. Now, as the dead skin cells are no longer present in your skin, the beauty products you apply will get a smooth coverage and absorbency. We Prefer exfoliating your skin twice or thrice a week. 

Tip 1: Say a big YES to Vitamin C 

beauty tips for monsoon

There is no need to tell you the benefits of this antioxidant on the skin if you have read our recent articles. It is totally up to you whether to apply topically or to include Vitamin C in your diet. If you are thinking about food, you can intake citrus fruits as much as possible. For instance, tomatoes, lemons, oranges, and many more. Vitamin C will lighten the blemishes or dark spots on your skin and stall the aging signs. 

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Tarishi Aggarwal
Ph.D. in Dental Science, Tarishi is well known for his works in the health sector. Reach out at [email protected]