Healthy Pregnancy: Lead Your Way To A Healthy Pregnancy With These 10 Tips!  

tips for healthy pregnancy

What to eat, what diet is the best for my baby, what precautions to take: these questions must be popping in your head now. A woman goes through several changes in her body when she is expecting. Even though pregnancy is the most endearing journey of a woman’s life. Your physical and mental health takes a huge toll during those nine months. If it is your first pregnancy, it is a whirlwind of emotions. Trust us; this journey isn’t a path of roses as shown on TV and in movies. Yes, we know there are umpteen websites on the internet with different opinions on pregnancy. So, putting a full stop to all your queries, we have come up with ten tips for all mommy-to-be to have a healthy pregnancy.

Tip 10: A big NO to smoking! 

The moment you get to know you are pregnant. Even if you are a chain smoker or smoke often at parties and functions, it is always a big NO. Smoking during pregnancy is risky for your baby in many ways. For example, if a pregnant woman smokes, she might face fatal consequences such as miscarriages, premature delivery, or an infant born with a disability. Therefore, you should avoid passive smoking even if you do not smoke. 

Tip 9: Stay Hydrated

tips for pregnancy

Staying hydrated through this journey should be a number focus on the to-do list. Reason? As you know, your little one gets every nutrient from the placenta, resulting in an extra chore for your body to produce blood by 50 percent. If you stay hydrated, your body will not have to struggle anymore to complete that void. Make your aim to at least drink eight to ten glasses every day to stay hydrated. Squeezing a few drops of lemon may elevate the taste of the water. Doing all this would keep you away from health ailments such as UTIs( Urinary Tract Infection), constipation, and severe headaches.  

Tip 8: Avoid drugs and alcohol 

If you don’t want to risk your unborn life, stay away from alcohol consumption or drugs. No drugs or alcohol is the only key to a healthy pregnancy. According to AAP ( American Academy of Pediatrics), a pregnant woman shouldn’t consume any drug or alcohol. If you continue doing so, you will be jeopardizing your little one’s life. 

Tip 7: Don’t forget to take ‘prenatal’ supplements 

Do you know that your baby’s neural tube develops in the first month of the pregnancy? So, why not take good nutrients such as calcium, iron, and folic acid for the baby from the first month of your pregnancy. Prenatal supplements are available at any nearby drug store to you. Or else, you can ask your doctor to prescribe prenatal nutrients. You might feel nauseous while consuming prenatal nutrients; taking them during the night or evening is advised. 

Tip 6: Healthy diet

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How can this list be completed without mentioning a proper and healthy diet? Don’t be fooled that you should eat for your baby, too, as he is getting all the nutrients through you. It is a complete go even when your diet includes fiber, protein, calcium, iron, folate, etc. Also, make changes to your three-meal plan. Instead of that, try having a five-course meal in a day. A five-meal course throughout the day will balance your blood sugar level. 

Tip 5: Say a big YES to exercise 

Make daily exercise during pregnancy your utmost priority. A regular dose of practice will be beneficial for you as well as your little one. Exercising regularly will relieve stress, mood swings, and insomnia during pregnancy. Yoga, pilates, walking, and swimming are the most beneficial for pregnant women. If you are wondering what exercise might suit you, don’t fret. If your doctor gives the green light to these exercises, then only start doing them. You also have the option of joining pregnancy exercise classes. Leave the set of workouts if you feel uncomfortable or face difficulty performing it.  


Tip 4: Avoid caffeine 

Who doesn’t love a cup of coffee or tea every day? But if you are expecting, you must be cautious before taking caffeine. What you don’t know is that one sip of caffeine will bring several health issues such as gas, acidity, and an increase in blood pressure and heart rate. In addition, with tea and coffee, a pregnant woman should also avoid cold drinks.

Tip 3: Wear sunscreen

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Besides your mood, your skin is also the other thing that becomes sensitive during those nine months. A woman’s skin becomes more susceptible to skin-related issues during pregnancy, such as sunburns and chloasma. This is when you shouldn’t only take care of your baby, yourself, and your skin. Always prefer sunscreen brands that guarantee you SPF 30 or more than that. However, no studies have claimed that excessive sunlight harms your baby. So, freely bask in the sun as much as you want, but don’t forget to apply sunscreen before that.

Tip 2: Check your medications 

Don’t be a doctor yourself. Before taking any medication or pills, always consult your doctor first. This is because you do not know what remedy might be dangerous for your baby. As per NHS (National Health Service), the risk of miscarriages increases when taking any medication unsuitable for you and your baby. 

Tip 1: Know when to call the doctor 

heatlhy pregnancy 10 tips

Women’s journey through pregnancy is one of the most magical moments in their lives. And if it is your first time, it is hard to say what symptoms are usual and what isn’t. So consult your doctor and educate yourself too. However, consider these points if you still don’t have a clue. Continuous vomiting, vaginal bleeding, no activity by the baby, and intense cramps are the symptoms when you shouldn’t waste any second consulting your doctor.

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