Follow These 10 Steps To Bring Your Messed-Up Sleep Schedule On Track!


You always mumble every day before going to bed at 2 or 3 late at night; today is the last day. I will sleep on time from tomorrow. And then tomorrow never comes. Folks, be honest. How many times have you promised yourself to fix your messed-up sleep schedule? A lot, many times. Right? But still, you end up scrolling social media or watching that one extra episode of your favorite K-drama or web series. The only reason your sleep schedule isn’t fixed is your daily routine and habits (social media too). Fix them, and then you are good to go. CDC (Centers for Disease Control) revealed in their survey that 35.2 percent of adults take less than 7 hours of sleep every day. If you have landed on this page, you aren’t the only one with a messed-up schedule. Don’t fret. Here is the scoop on the top ten tips for keeping your sleep schedule on track. Before we begin, don’t forget to take a notebook and a pencil with you since the list will be endless. 

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 Tip 10: Say a big NO to naps 

You can’t resist the afternoon nap after lunch. But do you know the afternoon nap you take every day after lunch is why your sleep schedule is messed up? You often have noticed that if you have slept during the day, you usually face difficulty falling asleep at night. Solution? Instead of messing up your sleep schedule by taking a nap, make your way to a small workout of approximately 20-40 minutes. Research conducted in 2016 claims that afternoon naps of more than 30 minutes may result in severe health conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. 

Tip 9: Take baby steps by making small changes 

There isn’t any way to fix your sleep schedule with a click. You need to take baby steps first. How? Try to go to bed every day at the same time. This is how you train your brain to sleep at a particular time of the day. After a few days, you will start noticing that your lost sleep schedule is on track. You can also train your brain by doing the same activities before bed. For instance, skincare, reading a book, brushing your teeth, etc. 


Tip 8: Try to discover the actual habit of yours that disrupts sleep 

Everyone’s sleep cycle is different. And there could be many reasons your sleep schedule isn’t the way you want. So, start by asking yourself what habits are disrupting your sleep schedule. Maybe one extra episode of your K-drama, Instagram reels, or Tiktok videos is not letting you sleep during the night. Spending excessive time on social media can also disrupt your precious sleep. Once you figure out the reason, try avoiding the habit the next time. You can also change your daily routine and adopt good practices instead of bad ones.  

Tip 7: Avoid tea and coffee before bed 

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You must have been interrupted by your mother when you had tea or coffee before bedtime. Well, she has a solid reason to do so. Not to mention that your favorite beverages contain a high amount of caffeine. And remember that caffeine is the biggest enemy of your precious sleep. So, if possible, not even before bedtime, try avoiding sips of coffee or tea even in the afternoon. 

Tip 6: Adopt a regular exercise routine 

Doctors claim that regular exercise may keep your messed-up sleep schedule on track. If you cannot work out during the morning, try taking a short walk. This will help your body relax, and you will fall asleep much faster than usual. 

Tip 5: Try avoiding heavy meals before bed

If you are serious about fixing your sleep schedule, stop listening to your food cravings. Think in this way. If you have a heavy meal before bed, your body consumes its whole energy and time in digesting the meal. So, you can solve this problem in two ways. First, try having light meals before bed. And make sure to maintain a minimum gap of two to three hours between the last meal and your bedtime. Some researchers claim that caffeine consumption six hours before bed sabotages your sleep schedule. Also, a high amount of caffeine will disrupt your sleep cycle and profoundly affect your learning and memory. 

Tip 4: Create a cozy environment 

tips to fix messed up sleep schedule

Though it might sound stupid, creating a cozy environment for yourself before bed is one of the effective ways to fix your sleep schedule. Make sure the area where you sleep is cold in temperature and dark in the light. Pamper yourself with a hot bubble bath to relax your body and brain. 

Tip 3: Fix the light

Make this rule never to be on your laptop or mobile phone before bedtime. You all must have come across several articles about how the light emitting from your laptops and mobile phones is dangerous for your eyes and sleep cycle. But let’s not dig into that. The light of your cell phone is called blue light, which affects melatonin (a hormone that controls our sleep). 

Tip 2: Take care of your stress and anxiety

Sometimes all mentioned reasons aren’t enough to fix your sleep schedule. For example, you may be stressed out if you still face the same issue. Don’t bring your stress and worries to bed, as you will change sides the whole night. 

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Tip 1: Visit a sleep specialist 

Even after applying all these tips mentioned above, if you are unsuccessful in fixing your sleep cycle, it is high time to consult a sleep specialist. Then, you will receive proper treatment and diagnosis based on your problem. 

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Tarishi Aggarwal
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