Top 10 Healthiest Cereals For Breakfast: Make A Healthy Start To Your Day With Cereals!

healthiest cereals for breakfast

Don’t you think morning is the busiest part of the day? And every morning, you get up with the same question: What to have in breakfast for today?”. Then, of course, you will be late for the office again because the recipe would need hours of preparation. But is there any breakfast that is super healthy and saves you a lot of time in the morning in preparation? Yes, there is. None other than CEREALS.
Some researchers even say that if consumed regularly, cereals can reduce the chances of obtaining chronic diseases. For instance, cereals can save you from diabetes, heart issues, and bowel cancer. Isn’t that great? So, if you are getting late for the office and want a quick and healthy breakfast, always make your way to cereals. Trust us; you won’t be disappointed. So, folks, here is the scoop on the ten most beneficial kinds of grain for breakfast. Stick to the very end to know how to make a healthy start to your day with CEREALS!

Before we begin, grab a pencil and a notebook now because we have an extensive list ahead of us.

Number 10: Oatmeal

oatmeal cereal


Number 10: Oats 

Do you also want to start your day with a light and super healthy breakfast? Try including oats or oatmeal in your diet. This meal can act as a shield in fighting high cholesterol and also try to even your blood sugar levels. Not only this, you have the liberty of preparing this meal the way you want. For instance, try it with raw milk or garnish it with fresh fruits. 

Number 9: Muesli 

We are sure many of you haven’t come across this word ever. Trust us; this is no rocket science as it seems to be. Muesli is a mixture of cereals like oats and dried fruits such as almonds and raisins. It depends on your choice whether to consume it with milk or yogurt. Nothing would else be great if you give Muesli to your kids for breakfast. Why? Muesli is rich in sugar level, which eventually helps your kid grow and be energetic all day. Also, Muesli is free from added oils and sweeteners. 


Number 8: Rice Crispies or Poha 

Oh boy! How can we miss Poha or Rice Crispies in our breakfast? Especially in Indian households, breakfast is considered to be incomplete without poha. But here is a simple trick to make your poha recipe more healthy. You only need to saute it lightly. This recipe will take care of your iron and blood sugar levels and help you lose weight. 

Number 7: Grape Nuts

Sugar is your worst enemy if you want to have a healthy breakfast in the morning. Grape-Nuts solves this problem too. You can enjoy your healthy breakfast with no added sugar and just four ingredients. And what are those four ingredients? A pinch of salt, barley flour, dried yeast, and wheat flour( whole grain). Also, your stomach would love this meal as it takes care of the digestive system and stems from constipation. 

Number 6: Porridge 

healthy cereal for breakfast

Is there any other way to have a healthy breakfast without porridge? Some of you aren’t that fond of porridge. But there are multiple ways to elevate its taste. Think of jaggery. While preparing the breakfast, add a little amount of jaggery to it. Trust us; jaggery would make your meal tasty to the next level. Or make it enjoyable by adding the toppings of fruit or dried fruits. 

Number 5: Cornflakes 

Many of you have heard n number of times that cornflakes are the source of breakfast. Right? But today, we will focus on the benefits of this meal. Just serve it with some milk to your kid and save some for yourself in the morning. If you are puzzled about what to help in breakfast for your school-going kid, then do not hesitate to choose cornflakes. This meal is rich in carbohydrates and iron. 

Number 4: Wheatflakes 

The internet is filled with articles debating what is healthier, cornflakes or wheat flakes. Think of it as a mutation of wheat porridge. Also, this meal would take good care of your stomach and prevent the problems such as constipation. You can also add to your daily routine if you are thinking of shedding some weight. 

Number 3: Granola (Homemade) 

healthy granola for breakfast

This meal won’t even consume your precious time in the morning and is super easy to make. Put some rolled oats, dried fruits, and nuts in a bowl with milk or curd and microwave it for a few minutes. Ta-da! Your breakfast is ready. If you do not wish to eat it with milk or curd, try something new and add maple syrup or honey. 

Number 2: Sprouted Grain Cereals 

Rich in protein, sprouted grain cereals are a complete package of nutrients. The best quality of this meal is that it contains no added sugar. Also, sprouted grain cereals are good for your heart’s health with rich potassium. 

Number 1: Cauliflower Oatmeal 

Yes, this combination seems pretty weird. Right? But trust us. If combined, cauliflower and cereal could be turned out as the healthiest meal for breakfast. Also, it begs the question, how to prepare “cauliflower oatmeal”? Don’t fret. We have made things easy for you. First things first. Take riced cauliflower, mix it with eggs, and then you are free to add anything of your choice. This meal can be considered a good friend in your weight loss journey. 

So, this was the list of the top 10 healthiest kinds of cereal to incorporate into your breakfast. But the most important thing of all. Usually, other grains contain a high amount of sugar in it. So the lesson for today is to always prefer those cereals with nutrients such as fiber and protein. Stay tuned as more is coming your way. And don’t forget to follow Health WriteUps for a daily dose of health-related articles.

Tarishi Aggarwal
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