Men’s skincare routine: Top 7 best tips to get smooth and flawless skin!

skincare for men

You must have heard the saying, “Perfect skin is a myth.” But we assure you that if done systematically and adequately, you can fulfill the fantasy you have longed for. So, folks, if you have landed on this page, we understand your problem. However, you aren’t the only guy who wants flawless and perfect skin. You often have spotted guys with perfect and spotless skin when scrolling through social media. Okay, it is time for the truth bomb; some apply tons of filters to achieve that look. But you don’t need to do the same thing. We would start by asking a simple question, what would you do to attain a healthy body? You would intake healthy food and adopt an exercise routine. Right? So, a fit body has the mantra of consuming healthy food and lots of exercises. Similarly, perfect skin also has the same mantra: correct beauty regimen. Stick to the end and fulfill your fantasy of having perfect and flawless skin. 

Before we begin, grab a pencil and a notebook now because we have an extensive list ahead of us.

Tip 7: Do not even think of compromising your sleep 

Do you know what the similarity is between you and a panda? Any guesses? Well, you both have panda eyes. It isn’t that cumbersome to figure out that we are pointing out your dark circles. So first things first. Just make it your mantra never to compromise with your precious sleep. You need to take a proper amount of sleep consisting of 6-8 hours. You don’t know how that extra one hour of social media or Netflix is causing harm to your skin, especially your eyes. 

Pro Tip: 

Many of us are fond of French fries. But, do you know the potato that beats your food cravings can also do wonders to your puffy eye bags. You can either slice the raw potato, make a thick paste, and apply it to your dark circles. Potato contains bleaching properties that eradicate pigmentation. 

Tip 6: Use products suitable for your skin type 

men skincare products

Usually, we buy a skin care product that creates hype on social media in excitement. But the skin product doesn’t work for you, and then again, you sit in disappointment thinking all these skin care products are nothing but a scam. But what you don’t know is that everyone has different skin types. So always buy skin care products that match your skin type. Otherwise, your not-so-beloved friend, the pimple, would greet you the following day. 

Pro Tip: 

If you have oily skin like me, then always prefer buying oil-free products. However, mild or scent-free skin products will be best friends to your skin if you have sensitive skin. 

Tip 5: Take care of your skin while shaving 

Today’s market is brimming with several razors that claim to be multi-blade, giving you a sharp and clean look. But these can cause several problems to your precious skin. What are those? Ingrown hair, bumps, cuts, or burns. So, before starting the process, properly wet your skin. And the most necessary part of shaving is the shaving cream you choose. To avoid skin problems, use shaving creams with soothing properties and anti-oxidant ingredients. Finally, remember one mantra: Haste makes waste. 

Men Skin Care

Pro Tip: 

Before shaving, do not forget to prep your skin. For example, you can take a hot shower or wash your face with hot water. This will open the closed skin pores, leaving your hair soft. 

Tip 4: Treat your skin with moisture 

You must intake healthy food to attain your desired fitness goal. Right? Or eating junk or unhealthy food would make you fit. Just take moisturizer as a healthy food for your skin. Your skin craves the moisturizer. This can be done in multiple ways. The first is to make water your best friend. Yes, drinking enough water daily would bring you closer to healthy and perfect skin. Do not forget to treat your skin with moisturizer after taking a shower because this is the high time our skin craves the moisturizer. 

Pro- Tip: 

Please don’t commit the mistake of putting the body lotion on your face and thinking of it as a usual moisturizer. Instead, visit the market and buy yourself a ‘Face” moisturizer. 

Tip 3: Next piece of information is don’t ignore your lips 

Do you know that having soft and plumped lips can elevate your whole look in just seconds? But, just like your skin, your lips also need your attention. They will turn pale, dry, and happy if you don’t pay attention enough. So wherever you go, always carry a lip balm with SPF 15/30.

Tip 2: Be friends with sunscreen 

Folks, this list would never be complete without the mention of sunscreen. Many of you who aren’t aware of the proper skin care regime might think a moisturizer would work as sunscreen. No, that’s where you are wrong. If an adequate amount of Vitamin D can do wonders to your health, it can also make your skin ill if taken excessively. Don’t let your skin fall sick. Instead, treat her with a good sunscreen of any brand.



We prefer buying those sunscreens that are water-resistant and contain SPF 30. Remember, SPF 30 works as a shield for your skin and protects it from getting damaged by direct sunlight.

Skincare for men

Tip 1: Say goodbye to wrinkles 

Nobody wants to look aged. Right? Do you know what makes us look aged? Wrinkles. But you can say goodbye to them by adopting some minor changes in your diet. Your skin loves watery fruits and vegetables. So stop applying cucumbers to your eyes and make them a part of your diet. Not only cucumbers, include tomatoes and lemons in your daily routine and see their magic. 


Remember, smoking is an enemy to your skin. Remember, smoking is an enemy to your skin. We don’t need to mention several reasons smoking is bad for your health. You are already aware of its adverse effects, but you don’t know that smoking ages your skin prematurely, resulting in wrinkles. So, If you are a regular smoker, then it is high time to throw that packet of cigarettes in the dustbin.

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Tarishi Aggarwal
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