Vegetables Rich in Vitamin A – These 5 Are The Best!

Vitamin A has innumerable benefits on the overall health and development of a person. It helps in preventing loss of hair as well as various skin diseases. Vitamin A is quite important for the skin as well. In some countries, Vitamin A deficiency has caused an increasing rate of blindness. Thus, to help you avoid all such misery, we have wrapped up a few vegetables rich in Vitamin A.

Vegetables Rich in Vitamin A

1. Sweet Potato

Cooked sweet potato tastes excellent first of all, and is very healthy for us. 1 cup of this vegetable can provide as much as 1836 mcg of Vitamin A. India has an abundance of sweet potato growth. It can be bought from street vendors and supermarkets at a cheap rate.

2. Carrot

Carrots are healthy snack and can be taken anywhere as lunch. It is light yet has numerous health benefits including abundance of Vitamin A. One cooked carrot can provide the human body with 392 mcg of Vitamin A. Carrots are available all over India at farmer’s market and supermarkets.

3. Spinach

Raw spinach contains Vitamin A as well as Vitamin C. Cooking this leafy vegetable causes nutrient loss. 1 cup of raw spinach allows up to 141 mcg of Vitamin A intake which is pretty neat for one’s health.

Vegetables Rich in Vitamin A
Spinach – Vegetables Rich in Vitamin A

Now, Indian farmer’s market and supermarkets have a lot of spinach available throughout the year. Thus, it is advised to have thus vegetable on a regular basis. Studies even suggest that having a regular Spinach intake in diet, can lower the chances of deficiency in growing bodies.

4. Red Bell Pepper

Bell Peppers have a lot of flavor in them and can enhance any meal. But what is also known is that these veggies are quite rich in Vitamin A intake. It provides us with almost 18 mcg of Vitamin A which is twice as much as the green bell peppers. Red Bell Peppers are quite popular in the Indian subcontinent. Vegetable markets as well as supermarkets are flooded with these delicious vegetables at a very low cost.

5. Tomatoes

Red juicy tomatoes can set anyone’s mood for the day. Be it in a salad or cooked or boiled or even stuffed, without tomatoes, it is very hard to imagine a meal. Well, you will be glad to know that your favourite vegetable is actually loaded with Vitamin A as well.

A tomato can provide you with more than 50 mcg of Vitamin A. Tomatoes are available all around the country. It can be found in farmer’s markets as well as grocery stores.

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