Vegetables and Products Rich in Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient in one’s body. It directly affects the bone development in an individual while also increasing immunity to foreign diseases. As for now, the scientists have not reached a specific level of Vitamin D that is necessary. It is commonly known that the best form of it comes from the sun.

While being in sunlight, our body produces enough nutrients. Although, due to the risks posed by skin cancer, it is advised to cover up or apply sunscreen and moreover avoid being in the sun for far too long.

Thus, the alternative lies in vegetables and fruits rich in Vitamin D. Here we have a few vegetables;

1. Mushrooms

Just like humans, the mushroom tissues also generate Vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. This helps in increasing the nutrient count. Well, there is a significant difference though. Mushrooms produce what is called Vitamin D2 whereas humans have Vitamin D3. D2 is quite helpful in raising levels of vitamin D in the human body but it is not very helpful.

Vegetables and Products Rich in Vitamin D
Morel Mushrooms – Rich in Vitamin D

Also, there is some kind of mushrooms being grown these days that are treated with UV Light. This helps in generating more content of Vitamin D. Exposed Cremini mushrooms are one such example. It has 1110 IU of Vitamin D.

India has a wide variety of mushrooms although the most popular and accessible ones are Button mushrooms. It can be found at street vendor shops and supermarkets.
Now, there are not enough options out there that are vegetarian, and also contain Vitamin D. Thus, here are some other viable options.

Dairy Products – Cheese, Cow’s Milk, Yogurt, Tofu.

• Cheese is a good source of Vitamin D although it does not have a lot. Mozzarella has fewer nutrients compared to Cheddar or Monterey. Some products are instilled with Vitamin D and that will be shown on the label.
• Cow’s milk has a considerable amount of Vitamin D. Although, it depends on where a person lives. 1 cup of milk may contain up to 3 mcg of Vitamin D in it.
• As for Tofu and Yogurt, these products does not contain Vitamin D originally. Although, they are fortified with some. If this happens, it will be mentioned on the label. We can expect almost 50 to 100 IU of Vitamin D from these products.

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