Top 3 Vegetables With High Fiber: You Must Try Eating

Here, we shall discuss the list of the Top 3 Vegetables With High Fiber. Did you know that the fibers in fruits and vegetables do help in weight loss management, reduce the risk of gastrointestinal cancer, and prevent constipation as well? Experts suggest that females and males should intake  24g and 38g of fiber respectively, daily. Various vegetables contain high fiber, especially you will get more if taken raw. But, always it’s not possible. All of a sudden if you start having vegetables with high fiber, then you may come across some the side effects such as bloating. To avoid it, drink plenty of water and eventually, it will pass.

It is very important to have vegetables that are nutritious and healthy. Dig into this piece to learn some of the Top 3 Vegetables with High Fiber. All of these are very easily available in your nearby market.

Top 3 Vegetables With High Fiber

Some of the Top 3 Vegetables containing high fiber are listed below:

1. Carrots

Among the Top 3 Vegetables with high fiber content in it, Carrots do take place. This is very common and is very nutritious and tasty. It is rich in several Vitamins like K, B6, and A (an antioxidant). The most effective way to intake the fiber in your body is to have it raw. How? You can add it to your salad. Some also have it after boiling or tossing it in soup. To be more precise about its fiber count, it is 3.6g if taken with a cup of raw diced carrots.

Top 3 Vegetables With High Fiber

2. Artichoke

Another very unique yet nutritious high-fiber vegetable is Artichoke. Many of you might not aware of this vegetable but can have it roasted. It tastes too good. An artichoke usually counts up to 6.9g of fiber in it.

Top 3 Vegetables With High Fiber

3. Broccoli

One of the Top 3 vegetables with high fiber is Broccoli. There are various recipes by which you can have broccoli. But, the most reliable and healthy way to add it to your meal for the proper intake of fiber is adding it to the salad. You can either toss some pieces of broccoli or can simply boil a bit and add it. It is rich in Vitamin C and the fiber count is 2.4g each cup.

Top 3 Vegetables with High Fiber

Which one from the above-mentioned Top 3 Vegetables with High Fiber, do you have very often?

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