Vegetables Rich in Vitamin C – Check These 3 Out!

Vitamin C is a very important supplement in our diet. Loss of it can cause serious issues such as heart attack. It is advised to have a regular intake of Vitamin C. Well, there are various methods such as taking tablets of the same. Although, there is nothing better than Vitamin C intake through genuine means such as vegetables.

I get it that you might their veggies, but it is really what your body needs. Not only kids with growing bodies, but adults with grown bodies are required to take Vitamin C in their diets or suffer crucial outcomes. Thus, to help you with your health journey, we have listed some vegetables rich in Vitamin C.

Vegetables Rich in Vitamin C

1. Chili Peppers

These tasty veggies can add flavor to any sort of meal, and they have a healthy dose of Vitamin C as well. Consumption of one green chili pepper can give your body almost 109 milligrams of Vitamin C. As for red pepper, it gives you only 65 milligrams.

As per various studies, it is suggested that hot red chili pepper (however troublesome it may get) can help you push your death a little away. There are not enough studies suggesting other curious benefits of the same.

India has an abundance of green chili peppers. Every street vendor can offer you the vegetable for a low price.

2. Yellow Peppers/ Bell Pepper

Peppers are the ruling vegetables that contain the maximum amount of Vitamin C. The content level of these nutrients increases in yellow peppers as they ripen. One fresh and healthy bell pepper can give as much as 342 milligrams of Vitamin C.

Vegetables Rich in Vitamin C
Peppers – Vegetables Rich in Vitamin C

This is obviously way more than what green peppers have. Now, you guys should know that Vitamin C is very essential for maintaining eye health. As per various studies, it has been concluded that daily intake of Vitamin C lowers the risk of cataract progression.
Yellow Peppers can be easily found in India at street vendors or supermarkets.

3. Mustard Spinach

Spinach leaves are quite rich in Vitamin C levels. One cup of chopped, raw, mustard spinach leaves can give your body more than 195 milligrams of Vitamin C. There is one note to be taken about this nutrient.

Any leafy vegetable, if cooked, loses its Vitamin C level or any other important nutrient for that matter. That is why eating raw vegetables are generally appreciated by health enthusiasts. Spinach leaves also include other healthy nutrients such as Vitamin A and potassium, fiber, and calcium which are important for the overall development of the body.

Spinach is easily available throughout India and is a commonly eaten dish in brown households.

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