Do You Need To Wear a Mask After Covid-19 Vaccination?

mask after covid-19 vaccination
Image by rottonara from Pixabay

With the new delta variant making headlines, people who have already received vaccination are in doubt about following the standard safety protocols. Many times, people confuse vaccines with medicines and they expect covid-19 vaccines to provide them protection and do not wear a face mask after it. While the vaccines are effective against chronic cases they are absolutely not an excuse to stop taking safety precautions.

According to the health experts, there is no 100% complete protection possible so the need of following standard precautions like social distancing and using a face mask after Covid-19 vaccination is still necessary. There are multiple factors that affect the spread of this virus including individual and communal transmission. Therefore, protection needs equal efforts from all sides, including the personal efforts made by a person.

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has shared the complete guidelines on the use of a face mask after the Covid-19 vaccination back in the month of May.

During the first half of this year, the government seems to be more interested in returning to normal after vaccinating a maximum number of people. This stance is still coming strong but again, avoiding safety guidelines is not a part of it. The US reported more than 50,000 cases in one day on Thursday, showing another surge in the cases, most of which are caused by the prominent delta variant. This delta variant has turned out the most contagious and dreadful strain among all and the low-vaccination areas and populations are the biggest victim of it.

More than 80% of the older adults are reported vaccinated that significantly reduces the death rate in this age group. Without vaccinations, there were thousands of deaths reported per day, many of which were seniors.

Now, more than 97% of cases of hospitalizations are reported among those who are not vaccinated and they also make up for most of the deaths reported by the delta variant.

The mask guidance after Covid-19 vaccination carries extreme importance as local conditions and individual factors are the easiest to control. For anyone who is in an area with a low vaccine rate and high incidence of covid-19 cases, it is high time to follow all standard precautions shared by the CDC at the start of this pandemic.

Those who are vaccinated already have exceptional protection against the virus but wearing a mask after vaccination is a self-given opportunity to add up to these protective layers.

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The World Health Organization (WHO) requests everyone to continue using a face mask even after getting vaccination because there are only 13% of the world population has received this vaccine. the rest are still roaming unvaccinated and possess a high infection risk to themselves and for others if they are already infected.

It is not the right time for the US or any other country to ward off pandemic guidelines and returning back to normal should not be promoted as a sign to stop following self-precautions. All health agencies are working to prevent people from dying by a coronavirus and its variants and unless that is completed, everyone should responsibly play his part.