DentiVive Reviews- Customer Complaints, Risks and Side Effects Evaluation

DentiVive is a dietary supplement created to improve oral health. According to the official website, it improves oral health by relieving common dental issues such as inflammation and bleeding gums, bad breath, and decay caused by nasty bacteria in the oral cavity. The ingredients inside this formula also play a protective role and lower the risks of dental diseases that may hit a person in the future.

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Spitting blood after brushing your teeth and experiencing toothache every now and then can be the indicator of a severe dental problem. Since the mouth is constantly exposed to the outside environment while eating, drinking, and talking, it is prone to harmful bacterial invasions in the oral cavity. Apart from these pathogens, the nutritional deficiencies in the body can also contribute, and these both can lead to various tooth and gum diseases.

Although you always try to improve your hygiene and cut out foods harmful to your teeth for protecting teeth. But these measures take a lot of time to show results. If your oral health is compromised and you often experience dental health issues, it is high time you start taking a dietary formula that not only fills in for the deficiencies but also protects the teeth and gums from bacterial infections. One such supplement is DentiVive, but being a new product, not many people know about it.


This DentiVive review will discuss the benefits, ingredients, and side effects of this supplement, helping you make a better decision.


DentiVive Review- A Dental Health Boosting Supplement?

DentiVive is a natural dietary formula designed to target oral health issues such as plaque, tartar, gingivitis, cavities, and decaying teeth. It is a combination of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that offer healing benefits for the oral cavity and lower the risk of any damage.

According to the official website, it uses the purest sources to obtain its ingredients, and there is no addition of additives, fillers, hormones, or chemicals that may cause adverse effects. Note that it is a health-boosting formula and not a teeth whitening product. There is no bleaching ingredient inside, and if you are searching for a whitening product, this is not something you would need. Others who are looking for something to improve their oral health can freely use it in routine and avail of its benefits.

The official DentiVive website states that it is a US-made product that is manufactured under an FDA-approved facility under Good Manufacturing Practices. It follows the highest quality standards followed by all products made and distributed from the US.

Like any other multivitamins available in the market, this product also comes in the form of capsules that you can take every day with a glass of water. The daily recommendation is to take only two capsules to see noticeable changes in your dental health. However, if you have never tried a dental supplement before and think that two capsules would be too much, try taking one capsule for a week and gradually increase it to two.

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How DentiVive Helps Revive Dental Health?

Bacteria are everywhere, even inside the human body. The microflora includes both beneficial and harmful bacterial strains that live in coexistence with each other. Many times, this microflora is disturbed due to dietary deficiencies or lifestyle changes, which gives a chance for the nasty bacteria to take over and start an infection. In addition to recreating this microbial balance, DentiVive also provides nutrients to the body that it needs to run its functions smoothly.

Here is how DentiVive works inside the body.


  • The ingredients in this formula remove the harmful bacteria from the oral cavity by boosting the production of beneficial bacteria. Once the number of beneficial bacteria outgrows the harmful bacteria, the body achieves a natural equilibrium. Under this equilibrium, there are the least chances for a bacterial strain to invade and cause an infection.
  • The anti-inflammatory ingredients inside DentiVive work on swollen gums and relieve them. Once this inflammation is controlled, there is no chance for the bacteria to cause gum diseases that are otherwise common, even if you brush your teeth twice a day.
  • Lastly, this supplement relieves toothache, which is another benefit of inflammatory control, and removes all harmful bacteria in the mouth. It also refreshes the breath, improves the foul smell, and prevents various teeth and gums diseases.

Since DentiVive consists of a botanical formula, the chances of going wrong for any user are very rare. Comparing your result with another user is not how you should evaluate this supplement. Based on the current dental health and the risk factor, the effects may vary in every user.

What Are the DentiVive Ingredients?

As mentioned before, the DentiVive formula consists of the finest quality natural ingredient. The company does not mention the exact sources to get these ingredients, but it assures that they are mature, high quality, and contamination-free. There are no artificial or hidden ingredients inside this product which is why it is a perfect choice for long-term use.

Here is a list of all DentiVive ingredients and their potential benefits.

Zinc (11mg)

Zinc is an essential mineral that protects from several dental health problems such as loss of teeth, cavity formation, periodontal disease, and gingivitis. It also prevents the formation of plaque on teeth and keeps them clean.

Chromium (100mcg)

Chromium is another mineral that soothes the inflammation in gums and revives dental health by reducing the damage caused by bacteria. Other than dental health benefits, it also manages blood sugar levels by breaking down complex food compounds into smaller units. As a result, these molecules, such as glucose and carbohydrates, become readily available for the body to be used for energy production.

Alpha Lipoic Acid (150 mcg)

It is a vitamin-like antioxidant that is found in many plant sources, including kidney beans, broccoli, and spinach. Alpha Lipoic Acid helps reduce inflammation and saves from gum diseases.

Green Tea (150 mcg)

Green Tea is a rich source of anti-inflammatory ingredients, and it maintains oral health. Also, it is beneficial for losing fat, especially from the abdominal area.

Berberine HCL (100 mg)

This ingredient acts as an antimicrobial agent and removes all harmful bacterial strains. It also helps restore the damage caused to the enamel by bacteria and promotes good oral health.

Resveratrol (40 mg)

Resveratrol is an antioxidant with proven anti-inflammatory properties. It makes it helpful for all inflammatory diseases such as periodontitis and saves the body from permanent tooth loss.

Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle is an effective ingredient that saves from heavy metals damage. These heavy metals accumulate in the body and cause serious health problems that also include dental diseases. In the form of DentiVive formula, milk thistle removes all toxic chemicals from the body and improves oral health.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne is often added to pain relief products. It is beneficial against toothache because the compound called capsaicin has proven analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.

Korean Ginseng

This DentiVive ingredient boosts the body’s immune response and makes it ready to battle with nasty bacteria attacking teeth and gums. It offers various effects, including stress relief, cognitive benefits, and regulation of blood sugar levels, among others.

Banaba Leaf Extract

Banaba leaf is rich in antioxidants that help relieve stress, remove free radicals, and control inflammation. It is often added to the sugar regulatory supplements to prevent type 2 diabetes.

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Where To Buy DentiVive? Pricing, Discounts and Refund Policy 

If you are interested in buying DentiVive oral health formula, you will be relieved to know that you can order it online and receive it at your doorstep. This supplement is not available at any physical store or online source such as Amazon. The company does not authorize any retailers to sell this product, and the only way you can buy it is through its official website,

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The supplement is available at an affordable price, considering the high-quality and herbal ingredients used in this formula that are hard to get. You can also get a further discount on purchasing more than two bottles plus free delivery.

The pricing of every package of DentiVive supplement is as follows:

  • Basic Package comes with One bottle of DentiVive for $69 with free US shipping 
  • Popular Package comes with Three bottles of DentiVive for $177 with free US shipping
  • Best Value Package comes with Six bottles of DentiVive for $294 with free US shipping

Each bottle of DentiVive supplement has 60 capsules that mean it is sufficient for about one month. New customers who want to try the supplement for the first time can buy the basic package with one bottle. But those who are ready to make it a part of their life for a few months should consider the bundle packs that save more money with free nationwide delivery.

Fortunately, the company offers a refund policy, so you do not lose your money in case the supplement does not work for you. According to the official website, every customer gets a 60-day money-back guarantee with his purchase. You can try this supplement for two months. That is enough to see the improvements in your dental health. In case it fails to impress you, talk to the company and ask for a refund of your money.

For any queries regarding your order or the product and refunds, contact the customer support team at

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DentiVive Side Effects 

DentiVive is a blend of natural ingredients grown without herbicides and pesticides. The company ensures it has not added any toxic chemicals or filler in its formula. These ingredients are mixed in a sterile environment to avoid any contamination in the product. In addition to that, DentiVive is a non-GMOs, product that is also suitable for people with different dietary preferences.


Although there are no risks of side effects, but this product is not recommended for people with underlying health conditions such as diabetes, heart diseases, and blood pressure. Now mothers and pregnant women should also avoid taking this supplement without medical advice. Also, it is not recommended for those aged below 18 years.


DentiVive Reviews- Final Words 

DentiVive is an advanced oral health support supplement that comes with numerous benefits for your teeth and gums. This formula boosts the immune response, removes harmful bacteria, and assists the body in preventing severe painful dental infections. The best time to use DentiVive is before the actual damage starts so that it can save you from plaque, cavities, tartar, and dental decay.


Right now, it is available for a discounted price and free delivery if you choose to order bundle packs. Every order of the DentiVive website is backed by a 60-day refund policy, so there are no risks of losing your money.


For more information, visit the official DentiVive website,


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