People are Not Getting Over the High Meat – Is it Beneficial for Health?

high meat
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The cross of the paleo diet and the probiotic kombucha diet gives rise to the trending “high meat” diet. People are humming with straight-up rotten meat or fermented meat. The outbreak of this trending diet made its way in a Vice report and various social media platforms. Many people have queries regarding the high meat diet.

People Are Obsessed with High Meat

The reason for eating rotten meat varies from individual to individual. Some people eat decomposed meat for an apparent feeling of euphoria it gives. Some people eat it considering it a healthy, nutritious meal rich in bacteria and probiotics, essential for human health. The YouTuber Frank Tufano is one of these consumers. People who eat high meat for health reasons say that the practice of storing and fermenting meat comes from some indigenous tribes and our ancestors. People in the past used to store and ferment meat for many days or even months.

Fermentation is a process that enables organisms to trigger chemical reactions in the food; high meat is prepared likewise. Rotten meat differs from fermented meat; Men’s Health states that it can be complicated to do it in the right way. CDC reports 350 cases of botulism due to the consumption of fermented food in the state from 1950-2017.

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For Tufano and people with similar beliefs, the high trending meat refreshes the customs of their ancestors and eating it is a treat after a month-long fermenting process. The trending rotten meat comes under the umbrella of the paleo diet; it is the food that hunter-gatherers eat in the Paleolithic era, reports Mayo Clinic.

Back in 2010, a New Yorker article called eating fermented foods as a conservative practice, rather than a crazy movement of bringing the ancestors’ practice to trend again.

Eating decomposed meat is gross for narrow-minded people. However, people like Tufano, who are in support of eating fermented meat, argue with the unprepared eyes ones that eating fermented meat is the same as eating cheese, wine, bread, and other foods prepared by the process of fermentation.

Is this Trend Dangerous for Consumption? 

A clinical dietician, Leah Groppo, says that the consumption of high meat is like a welcoming illness, as many factors are out of control even when the meat is well fermented. Air is composed of a diversity of bacteria, which, when landed on the rat meat, multiply rapidly, leading to diseases. According to Groppo, there are numerous variables that one can’t account for.

Addressing followers of the Paleo diet, Groppo says that it’s impossible to know what consequences people in the past encountered after eating fermented food or to make it the same way. Moreover, Groppo states that the meat their ancestors were consuming was a lot safer and fresher to eat.

Groppo says that the meat available in the grocery stores differs from the meat people caught. She says that ground beef is porous thus has a high potential of carrying the risk of illness.

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The United States Department of Agriculture reports that left out food leads to foodborne illness. Foodborne infection and intoxication are the causative agents of foodborne illness. Eating food containing live pathogens gives rise to foodborne illness.

According to the New York article, eating homemade rotten meat may cause diarrhea. Researchers are uncertain what leads to euphoria upon eating fermented food. It may be simply the delirium due to an upset stomach.

A Singaporean dietician, Naras Lapsys, told Vice that the bacteria born during fermentation stimulates the high effect. When the meat is left for fermentation for several days, various chemical reactions occur by the bacteria thought responsible for euphoria.

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