Pre-planned C Section Has Lesser Side Effects Than Vaginal Deliveries

pre-planned c section
Image by skalekar1992 from Pixabay

Choosing a birth method is sometimes a choice but, in most cases, it is a medical necessity. Women who are pregnant and exploring their options have two ways in front of them; a normal (vaginal) delivery or a cesarean section, also called a c section. Usually, a c section is recommended by a doctor when he sees that vaginal delivery carries any risk for the mother or a baby. Still, there is a taboo that states vaginal deliveries better, adding an unnecessary burden to a woman who is considering a pre-planned c section over vaginal delivery.

The research team from Ottawa University analyzed the data obtained from 422,000 cases, reviewing the factors governing birth methods. They found that there is no much of a difference in the matter of birth method and a pre-planned c section actually saves the mother and baby from most post-delivery complications.

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Despite being safe, doctors only present the option of a pre-planned c section if they find it absolutely necessary. The idea of surgery cutting the womb open gives an impression of something that is extremely risky and may carry a number of risks for the woman, as compared to vaginal delivery. However, based on these new study results, it appears that c-sections may be a better decision for the new mothers to be as well as their newborns.

The complete study findings are published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

Out of these 4,22,000, nearly 2000 mothers pre-planned a c section. The team counted the cases of deaths and those admitted to the intensive care unit and the results proved that women who opted for a c section had no risk. even their children were free from any undesirable outcomes and complications that are thought to be associated with c sections.

C section makes up for nearly 1/4th of total births in the UK, US, and many other parts of the world. When the mother chooses to go for a c section, beforehand, this request is called  ‘caesarean delivery on maternal request’ also called CDMR.

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The vaginal delivery has obvious benefits such as no aftercare, like that of surgery, lesser scars, and healthy gut health of the baby among many others. But CDMR is still not considered safe fearing it will cause sexual tension, bladder, or urination issues. Usually, a doctor or a midwife explains all the risks associated with a c section to the mother to be if she is considering CDMR. If the mother finds vaginal birth unacceptable, a pre-planned c section is proposed and if she agrees to it, no other delivery method is considered.

The study doesn’t explain how many women in total consider getting CDMR, as most c sections are carried out due to medical complications. Hence, it is hard to cross-compare vaginal delivery with a c section because the health risk to the mother and baby at the time of delivery mostly present these options.

Those mothers who chose c-sections beforehand get better health care and outcomes for themselves and their babies.