TikTok’s Viral Weight Loss Dance is Neither Safe Nor Effective, Experts Warn

TikTok weight loss dance
Image by iXimus from Pixabay

Among the list of popular weight loss hacks, the latest is TikTok weight loss dance, which is getting popularity as an easy-to-follow protocol but according to health experts, it is extremely dangerous in reality.

This TikTok weight loss dance has weirdly odd moves designed by a user Janny14906. And there is no information about who this user really is and whether or not this user is a fitness expert. However, millions of people have watched and liked this video and follow it to get the perfect body with a dance routine.

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This weight loss dance is basically a combination of various exercises that supposedly give a user six-pack abs. But health experts believe it is not true and these exercises will negatively affect the physical and mental health instead of providing any benefit.

The woman who has shared this bizarre TikTok weight loss video says that these exercises will cut the abdominal fat and get you a lean and flat stomach, and continuing it for a longer period will also help you build six-pack abs. On the contrary, the fitness coaches comment on it saying that spot reduction such as melting belly fat is a myth and there is no way that even a specific exercise can get you a small waist, abs, and flat stomach.

The fitness experts also emphasize on understanding that any certain aesthetic achieved through disturbing the healthy body functions including sleep, diet, hydration and any other thing is not healthy and it carries certain health risks.

Anything promoting an unhealthy weight loss carries significant health risks, just like how this TikTok user says various times in her videos that you don’t have to follow a diet and if you are exercising for one hour, you can eat whatever you like. Comparing it to the healthy weight loss approach, this whole TikTok weight loss dance idea seems like an misinformation and giving this type of advice to the public is like subjecting them to an avoidable risk. They will start eating unhealthy junk and then go for this alleged weight loss dance and end up with obesity, poor circulation and heart health.

The best way to lose weight is to focus on a safe way to lose weight. Working on something to strengthen the core muscles helps improving muscle mass, balance of the body and stability. Exercises such as planks, belly crunches and even the body holds help for it and let alone the weight loss, these types of exercise help improving overall health that is a form of self care that everyone needs.

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Most people ignore the psychological side of the controversial weight loss products especially weight loss diets and miraculous exercise plans. But the psychologists acknowledge the impacts of products setting unrealistic expectations in users, promoting themselves as quick fixes, effortless workout and easy way to lose fat. This is a high time that fake news, especially in health sector should be called out and people promoting dumfounded promises especially regarding weight loss should be criticized. Unfortunately, these controversial things just like this TikTok weight loss dance is grabbing more audience, increasing the health risk for a larger population that is already on a verge of collapse because of the on-going pandemic.

The best is to stay away form all fad diets and weird weight loss hacks that promote the unhealthy weight loss. Before following any viral trend, discuss it with your primary healthcare provider and only follow what is best for your body.