Health Subsidies And Insurances, For Increasing Americans’ Access To Healthcare

Health insurance

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and doing regular health check-ups requires time and money. Furthermore, every individual cannot afford the heavy sum of money for routine check-ups and follow-ups. 

The cost of medicine, treatment therapies, diagnostic testing, and many other expenses are high. Not every patient or caretaker can afford the heavy bills. 

Moreover, everyone sooner or later in their lives needs healthcare facilities. The American Rescue Plan of President Joe Bidden will make the lives of many individuals easy. The plan makes it possible for more individuals to access health coverage via federal and state health insurance marketplaces. 

Since 2016, Louisiana’s efforts have resulted in an increase in the number of residents with insurance. Moreover, enhancement in insurance occurs only through the expansion of Medicaid eligibility. Furthermore, the federal Affordable Care Act permits the expansion of Medicaid eligibility.

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Healthcare Aid For Individuals 

According to Mollye Demosthenidy, the expansion of Medicaid eligibility is impactful in Louisiana. Demosthenidy is a health policy expert and Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives at the School of Public Health of Tulane University. Moreover, through Medicaid eligibility expansion, more individuals get aid in fulfilling their health care needs. 

Furthermore, individuals who hardly makeup up to 138 percent of the federal poverty level or are below it are now eligible to get government help in covering hospital charges and other healthcare expenses. 

The expansion of eligibility criteria for Medicaid provides healthcare benefits to individuals with low incomes. Moreover, the eligibility criteria covers all individuals that are facing unemployment due to coronavirus pandemic-situation. It also covers individuals with insufficient work incentives whose employers do not provide health insurance. 

Furthermore, individuals with all income levels can apply for coverage and federal subsidies, but only until the American Rescue Plan. However, the subsidies are not for everyone. Yet, any individual can visit the website to apply and proceed with requests for coverage. 

According to Demosthenidy, the stimulus bill makes individuals’ lives easier by making the Affordable Care Act affordable for many more consumers. Moreover, the new law implementation will result in more people gaining coverage. 

The government has reserved $7.6 billion for public health institutions. Moreover, another seven-point-six billion dollars will go to community health clinics.

The American Rescue Plan And More For Health

Changes and upgrading of the American Rescue Plan have eliminated the subsidy cliff. It has also extended premium tax credits to those with incomes over 400 percent of the federal poverty line for this year and coming next year. Furthermore, there is no upper limit on premium tax credits. 

According to Demosthenidy, the American Rescue Plan ensures that the majority of the income that families and individuals generate is not consumed. Furthermore, through the new American Rescue Plan increases in the amount of premiums subsidies for people that purchase insurance occurred. Moreover, increasing these subsidies means lower premiums for them. 

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In 2021, and 2022, no one had to pay more than 8.5 percent of their income in health insurance premiums. According to Demosthenidy, the new American Rescue Plan will be beneficial for the health and the finance of middle-class families. Moreover, the stimulus bill states that the federal government will pick up 100 percent of the premium, for the COBRA policy from September onwards.

According to a survey, in December 2020, 11.1 percent of Louisiana adults were without health insurance. However, with the expansion of Medicaid eligibility and the American Rescue Plan, many individuals will be able to get the benefit of healthcare facilities, insurance, and much more. 

Moreover, due to the coronavirus pandemic, many people suffer losses, health issues, and critical situations. The government is trying and making efforts to decrease the stress and burden of the public. 

The author is a graduate of dental surgery from the Dow University Health Sciences, Karachi. She has an academic background in content writing as well as English literature, giving her an edge in the field. Adeena is always curious about physical and mental health. She is always passionate about research and delivering high-quality reliable content to users.
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